Professional Shopper Consultancy

High Value Service by Information Professionals at Professional Shopper Consultancy in Dubai


  The Professional Shopper concept offers a portfolio of services dedicated on shopping according the cosmopolitan infrastructure of Dubai and the needs of its residents and visitors. It is designed to serve individuals or companies, or can be brought on board as a procurement consultant on a project.
The Professional Shopper is Strategic Information Consultant.
Our most valuable assets are the knowledge of Dubai and its surrounding areas, and the passion for shopping.
Our main aim is to assist our clients to achieve their objectives in shopping in Dubai in time efficient and cost effective manner by combining competence and organisational skills.
The Professional Shopper Consultancy is committed to providing high quality customer care.
Mystery Shopping

The relationship between client and the Professional Shopper starts with filling an assessment form and thorough reference intervieThw via e-mail to clarify what information is needed, the time frame and the budgetary constrains. The Professional Shopper adds value through thorough knowledge of its subject area: what data source to search; how to assess information to distinguish credible sources; and how to package the final results so they can be easily understood and acted upon.


Upon review of the assessment form and the e-mail interview, our consultant will send a proposal with an appropriate consultation plan tailored to your unique needs. Our business revolves around clients; therefore our goal is to deliver immediate value with substantial, long-term benefits.


After receiving our proposal, please reply with available dates and times for consultation or shopping tour.  We will send you the payment structure and the Letter of Agreement. We book and confirm your preferred appointment dates upon receipt of signed and mail it back Letter of Agreement. If for some reason you can’t mail us the signed Letter of Agreement, you can confirm the appointment by e-mail and sign the letter when we met.


§         We work with you, but your idea or project always remains under your control.

§         We work fast, delivering quick solutions.

§         We have result-oriented approach with each engagement.

§         We are pro-active, focusing in equal measure on optimizing the current performance and determining future requirements likely to benefit you and your business.

§         We are professional and personable, committed to building successful relationships and delivering a high standard of customer care.


   Our code of professional conduct is based on tree prrincipals:


1.      Meeting the client’s requirements

The Professional shopper will regard the client’s requirements as paramount at all time.


2.      Privacy of information

The Professional Shopper will not disclose any confidential information about the client for personal benefit or for the benefit of any other parties.


3.      Objectivity

The Professional Shopper will advise the client of any significant reservations about the client’s expectations of benefit from the engagement.

The Professional Shopper will never give false, inaccurate, misleading or incompetent information.


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