prosfilaes's Home Page

A casual page in lieu of more expensive webspace 

This is a simple page, merely a collection of random stuff I felt needed a webspace. Most prominently, the last five years of my life have been spent in part working on projects for Project Gutenberg and more specifically Distributed Proofreaders, so most of my links are probably about them. I'm dvdeug on DP.

PG's collection of Translations of Classics 

A list of books I've helped in to PG 

I'm planning to add  a list of the semi-modern sci-fi (50's and 60's) that we've been doing recently. 

Miscellaneous Junk 

Oklahoma Newspapers  shows a newspaper scan I'm trying to get into DP, and "Concepción" en Esperanto shows a random page of Esperanto in a Spanish book I found on Google Books.

Me elsewhere on the Web

It's not really news, since this is what Google will tell you in the first few hits: I spend way to my time on Wikipedia (my user page), Librarything (my profile and my library) (and here's a picture of me from a Librarything Meetup). and my My personal Livejournal; mostly private, but it comes right up on Google, and most of the private stuff is locked away.