About Us

ProScan Aerospace has been providing quality products focused on operator situational awareness since 1998. From the Flight Systems Monitor 2000, to the C-130 Hercules Caution Advisory Warning System (CAWS), to the MaxiMog Expedition Vehicle Annunciator and many others, ProScan has provided custom solutions to unique problems with a value-added approach.
The FSM-2000 was the first to introduce an Accelerated Stall Warning for the light aircraft industry using proprietary software algorithms heralded by NASA engineers at the EAA Oshkosh convention in 2001. The ground breaking FSM systems also solved the issues of voice annunciation and crew distraction by introducing “phases of flight” tracking. For instance, when the aircraft master switch is turned on there are several annunciator lights activated causing a flurry of voice annunciations. This is not the case with ProScan “Smart Systems”. Our software enables the FSM to voice annunciate an out-of-limit condition only when it is a threat to flight or equipment. Our systems are able to do this because the system knows when the engine is running and when the aircraft is flying, thus providing a basis for intelligent alerting.
Our company provides products have been certified under Federal Aviation Administration Supplement Type Certification (STC) and Parts Manufaturing Authority (PMA) in addition to stringent Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) specifications for military applications. DO-160E and Software Certification up to Class A are avaialable on request.
In mid 2013 eólas Ltd., a Colorado Company, assumed ownership of ProScan Aerospace assets.
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