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Drain cleaning Colorado springs

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Customer's needs are important to us

We clean drains any time late nights, weekends, or holidays, for residential homes, commercial buildings, industrial sites, all of our work is guaranteed! We have low flat rates and never any kind of bill increase surprises when the job is done. We also offer first time online customer discounts, senior citizen discounts, and military discounts too. 


Can be assured your in good hands

When it comes to sewer and drain cleaning needs, Pro-Power Rooter Service is ready to respond. We can diagnose your slow running or clogged drain problems and solve them quickly and professionally. Clogs are inconvenient and a big disruption to our everyday lives. They can result in standing water, overflows and in some cases raw sewage entering the home. In many cases our technicians will break through blockages in pipes with a wired metal cable snake. This is why they call it a “rotorooter drain service”. Whether it’s your kitchen sink clogging up, washer line, bathtub or even maybe your toilet, we can clear any type of drain clog no matter how hard. We guarantee all of our services and our experience saves you money by having it cleared right the first time. Our highly trained technicians will get your home functioning again in no time. With our fast a friendly drain repair technicians using the latest equipment & technology to get the job done right!

24 / 7 Emergency Service 

Pro-Power Rooter Service is here for all your emergency plumbing needs. With us as your fast and friendly service, you never need to hesitate about calling 24/7 for any emergency service. Nights, weekends and even holidays, you will be greeted by one of our technicians who can schedule an appointment to meet your needs. If it is an emergency, we’ll dispatch a plumbing technician to your home immediately! We're always here to take care of your emergencies with leaking water lines, sewer mainline stoppages, bursting washing machine hoses, kitchen sink and bathroom drain clogs, overflowing toilets and many more. We are pleased to offer warranties on all our services because we are trained to provide you with the solutions you need and the quality you deserve. We service both residential and commercial sites and offer a variety of drain cleaning and plumbing repair services.

Call Us Today

  • No Hidden Charges - Residential flat rate pricing for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or any other stoppage.
  • Immediate Service - We can be at your home or business place in under 2 hours of time.
  • Phones 24 / 7 - Someone is available to answer your calls or leave a message you will get called right back.
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed & Discounts - Lowest prices guaranteed, New Customers, Seniors, and Military Discounts.
  • Fast, Friendly Service - Customer service is available and will dispatch technicians to your Emergency.
  • Reputation & Quality - Family owned and operated since 1991, uniformed and groomed technicians.
  • Our Service Technicians - All of our service technicians are at our clients homes to provide one service drain cleaning!

We don't sell chemicals or do big plumbing jobs.
That's why were experts in drain cleaning!

Sewers & Drains


Kitchen drains

clog up over a period of time.They run slower and slower as greases, soaps, fat and detergents build up on the inner walls of the pipes and eventually cause blockages.
Pro Power Rooter technicians who specializes in kitchen drain cleaning jobs will use an electric powered drum cleaning machine to cut through the clog and remove all debris. Your kitchen drainpipes will be as good as new again.

Shower and tub drains
present their own challenges. The clog is usually hair and soap buildup in the trap and drainpipe. When you're taking a shower you should never see standing water in the stall or tub. Properly functioning drains should carry the water away almost instantly. If water covers the shower floor and your feet, you have a clogged shower drain, which will eventually become completely blocked. A service technician skilled in shower repair techniques will use a drain cleaning machines to clean the drain like new again.

Toilet drains 
are sometimes over stuffed with toilet paper and can even have your kid's toy in it. Pro Power Rooter can solve the problem with a drain cleaning machine that feeds a spinning cable into the toilet drain. The cable has special spring loaded blades on the tip that will cut through any obstruction including tree roots, while scraping the inside wall of the pipe and thoroughly cleaning it to restore it to full operation with drainage and can give you powerful flushes once again.

Floor drains 
are common in basements, laundry rooms and garages. They may also be found on patios and driveways as well as older bathrooms. These drains are equipped with a trap that should be kept filled with water to prevent odours and sewer gas from escaping. Test drains occasionally to make sure they are aren't clogged and are ready to carry away water and prevent flooding. Dirt and debris can clog floor drains we can open them quickly to restore good drainage.

Bathroom sink drains 
may become clogged with hair, toothpaste, soap grime, and etc. We provide many bathroom plumbing drain solutions and sink drains are one of the more common problems that we get calls on  that we solve. We will remove the clog and thoroughly clean the entire pipes so your sinks will drain like new.

Main sewer lines 
are the largest drains in a home. All other household drains lead to the main sewer line. The main sewer line runs underground from the house and connects to a city sewer line or a septic tank. Your main sewer line can become clogged from the debris those other household drains wash into it or by tree roots that penetrate the pipe joints from surrounding soil, or ever from cracked or off set pipes and connections.

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Our Experience Shows!

Sewer Snake Cable Stuck In Drain.

A lot of other companies claim to unclog drains that other companies were not able to unclog, but there are not many
that have actually done it. Pro Power Rooter we not only successfully unclogged sewers and drains that the other companies failed to unclog, we have also retrieved sewer cleaning snakes that were left from other sewer companies
that could not even finish the job!.

Recently, one of our drain techs. was called out to a new customers house in Colorado Springs. The customer had
another sewer and drain company that came over to their
house just two months earlier, but their sewer backed up
again. The other company still wanted to charge them a discounted price of $130 for the service call, due to only
having a 30 day guarantee. The customer couldn’t afford
the charge they talked to one of their neighbours about a
low cost sewer and drain company. And one of their good neighbours ended up recommending us.

We sent out our drain tech. for the clogged mainline, he said
It seemed like a normal sewer clog, then he started clearing
the drain without knowing that he was in for a surprise. He started pulling lots of roots out, which was expected, but
the water level was still not draining out properly and kept
on backing up. After a few more times snaking the sewer,
he felt something big towards the end of the snake cable.
The sewer cleaning snake was already more than 80 feet
out and it was really hard to pull it back he said. It took him
a long time before he was able to pull back all of his cable.
To his surprise instead of more roots at the end of his cable,
he saw another cable wrapped up around his end of the drain snake cable. 

The customer was saying that he bought this house recently
and it was only the second time he had his sewer line snaked. The customer was extremely happy to see the broken piece
of cable coming out of his drain and ended up giving our drain tech. a $50 tip. This is just one of many situations where Pro Power Rooter saves the day for our beloved customers. The customer stated that the other plumbing company was trying
to convince him that the sewer line needed to be dug up and replaced. And their estimated charge for the job was between $2,300 and $3,500 they said.

Pro Power Rooter has two locations to serve you.

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   Pro-Power Rooter Service  

Providing Great Service

      Our Drain Service  technicians always work extremely on delivering you the highest level of customer service, it's our top priority. We also truly believe it's unmatched in the drain cleaning service industry. It all starts off by making the first call, when our drain cleaning service pro tech. arrives to your house or business you will find him to be very helpful, knowledgeable and also friendly guy, He starts by giving you all the options and pricing details before he begins any of the work. So don't you want to call a top notch drain cleaning company with the staff of professionals whose first priority is respecting you inside of your home, then you know you have made the right choice.


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