Aachenfeld Information Page

This is an information page for the Proposed Canton of Aachenfeld

The First Organizational Meeting was advertised on November 30th 2008 on the Baronial Mailing List, Facebook  and word of Mouth to take place on December 14th. Formation of Canton was Mentioned and minuted at November 21st and December 12th at Baronial council, minutes are available from the Baronial Website.

We had our first Organizational meeting on the 14th December 2008 in which 24 people attended.  It commenced at 1pm and completed at around 3pm.

Attendance (24)

Nathan, Catherine, Seraphina, Luke, Toni G, Niall,  Kirsty, Lee, Matt, Ben, Sally, Rachel, Dylan, Colm, Wendy, Daniel, Sarah, JP, Alicia, Joshua, Conan,  Tex, Kerryn, Duncan.

There are 30 Anealan members (Both Sustaining and Associate)  in the proposed Postcodes. At the meeting 17 members, +3 pending membership, 2 nonmembers, 2 royals were in attendence (24 total), Members-16 voted for, 1 against, Nonmembers-5 for, Baron and Baroness Abstained. Of those unable to attend the meeting (6 sustaining- 2 showed verbal support in conversation, 1 tentative support, 1 unfindable, haven't had chance to talk to 2 as one is out of country) (5 associate members-3 of which are minors-1 adult support, 4 unknown)

It was also put forth whether people preferred a Shire or Canton, there was one vote for Shire.
We went through the process of Do we want it, listed out Pros and Cons, went through name proposal and device proposal.
In the end it was decided we wanted a Northern central focus for recruitment as a balance to the Southern central focus so we can cast a wider net for people but we still wanted to be part of the Barony.
The Baronial Seneschal and Baron and Baroness were present and thus informed of the intention to go Canton and it was met with approval to go forth with the process.
Paperwork is in progress and Seneschal of the Canton of Abertridwr and Kingdom Seneschal have both been emailed, awaiting response.

January 4th a vote was held on narrowing the proposed  names and by popular acclaim Aachenfeld was chosen.

A meeting was held January 21st at the Ray Brooks Pavilion in Birralee Reserve. At the meeting location of meeting was discussed as well as should we vote on device. As a majority of members were present a vote was held with a choice being 'No vote at this time'. Overwhelmingly per pale vert and gules, a laurel wreath overall surrounding a chalice was chosen (Blazon to be confirmed by those that know better, see below picture) A local herald did a quick conflict check of all proposed devices before the meeting. She had informed the quarterly devices would not pass, but the per pale devices could well pass.

Names And Device Moved to Heraldry Page

Proposed Borders-
Post codes provide interesting problems as in several instances they pretty much ignore geographical bounderies and roadways! THREE postcodes cross the river line quite significantly (6055, 6069, 6084).

What was agreed on to submit to council was pretty much just areas with members interested in being members of the Northern Canton. Eastern boundery more or less the river postcodes allowing. It was discussed that we would realistically be able to focus on these postcodes and not further east, as well as members east of line indicating that they wanted to remain in Unclaimed Baronial lands.

Current Abertridwr Boundery in Blue, Proposed Northern Canton Boundery in Green. Green dots, members in Area wishing to be part of Northern Canton (With regard to the middle land) Or members North of the River, Red Dots-Current pending or nonmembers that wish to be part of Northern Canton. (Map program was not being cooperative and wouldn't let me show postcodes and names if I went to larger map, Northern boundery-6037-Two Rocks, 6035-Yanchep, 6084-Bullsbrook). It was suggested the Barony cede the middle lands (Middle earth?) to Abertridwr especially as they have members who play in those areas that are currently not classed in Abertridwr lands should they wish to request those areas.
6000     Perth
6003     Northbridge
6004     East Perth
6005     West Perth
6006     North Perth
6007     Leederville
6008     Subiaco
6009     Nedlands
6010     Claremont
6011     Cottesloe
6012     Mosman Park
6014     Wembley
6015     City Beach
6016     Glendalough
6017     Osborne Park
6018     Innaloo
6019     Scarborough
6020     Carine
6021     Stirling
6022     Hamersley
6023     Duncraig
6024     Greenwood
6025     Hillarys
6026     Kingsley
6027     Edgewater
6028     Currambine
6029     Trigg
6030     Clarkson
6031     Banksia Grove
6032     Nowergup
6033     Carabooda
6034     Eglinton
6035     Yanchep
6036     Butler
6037     Two Rocks
6038     Alkimos
6050     Coolbinia
6050     Mount Lawley
6051     Maylands
6052     Inglewood
6053     Bayswater
6054     Bassendean
6055     Guildford
6057     Maida Vale
6058     Forrestfield
6059     Dianella
6060     Yokine
6061     Balga
6062     Morley
6063     Beechboro
6064     Girrawheen
6065     Wanneroo
6066     Ballajura
6067     Cullacabardee
6068     Whiteman
6069     Ellenbrook
6084     Bullsbrook
6090     Malaga
6100     Burswood
6100     Lathlain
6100     Victoria Park
6103     Rivervale
6104     Belmont
6105     Kewdale
6151     South Perth

Proposed Officers-
Proposed Seneschal-Senora Catalina de Gata (Mka Natasha Birt)
Proposed Reeve-Lord Jehan de Benne (Jean Paul Blaquiere)
Proposed Marshall-Lord Columb mac Diarmata (Colm Kiely)
Proposed Hospit-Lady Rowena of Seventowers (Was that all the towers?)