Vision seen by our student (Theresa) and its interpretation


On 7/26/06, Theresa Wyckoff, one of our students, wrote the following message to me:

"Sorry to bother you all... I know you all have important things to do...have two things I want to discuss one is I haven't receive any homework from you all just making sure I didn't miss it..

Second is this dream I had last night... it woke me up at 1:40 am... before I went to bed I programmed the TV to go to Christian programme. I let it go to the next one because what was on TV and I didn't want it to go there... I usually get up and stay up all night because I was so tired from working so much this past week that I missed the program that I wanted to watch... but when I woke up ten minutes. .. After it was over with... now about the dream what I remember of it...

I was with my hubby in this house... I had such peace about me he did not... I had this feeling like He wasn't goanna be around long... he was telling me that he and the kids thought the house we were living in not the one we are living in now.. Not sure where we were but the house was ours... he was saying that the house was possessed with a demon or something... I just laughed at him and said there cant because we live for God... he come here and I will show you what happen... so we went into this room I believe is the living room and he starts to tell me what happened.. I giggle and said just tell them to be gone they have to flee in Jesus name... he said they won't go... I said watch... I rebuke them and went to walk away and this DVD player flew and hit my hubby in the shoulder... I tried to say be gone in Jesus name... but I couldn't say Jesus... every time I tried I couldn't speak... it was like I couldn't breathe... I couldn't do nothing... sweating nervous and on the third try finally was able to say Jesus then I woke up... the program that was on when wake up which started ten minutes before I woke up was about demon possession .. But it wasn't exact something that was happening to me... it was more about people money, attitudes, things we did or did not do how to make the enemy flee.. It was weird and strange... I woke up scared and confused... not sure what happened or what to do... little nervous about leaving the room I was in. even to go the bathroom which I had to go bad... this dream has been on my mind all day and evening.. Hope you can help..."

My interpretation of the above dream

Greetings in Jesus' Name. Your dream is meant for us, in this school. It reveals as follows:

Your husband represents the men of God who are serving God in various churches and ministries. For everything, they presume that it is the devil that attacks the people of God. They do not go to the root of the problems i.e. sin controlling the lives of the people of God. For everything, they see the attack of the devil. But in reality it is not so. You did not see the devil there, though you took the Name of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the DVD player flew and hit the husband. These days, many servants of God publish video cassettes and wonderful TV programmes. But their messages are not in accordance with the message of the Cross. People of God want to relax in their zones of comfort watching television programmes and hearing the wonderful sermons. Seldom have they interceded for the persecuted Christian brethren and sisters in the other parts of the world. Seldom have they given to missionary work in places not reached by the gospel. They take the Name of Christ in vain.

When there is sin in the lives of the people of God, they do not give the message of repentance. You saw this dream only after you missed the Christian television programme. God did give this revelation to you only after you missed this television programme. Of course, television programme is a means to take us to the Cross of Calvary but is not an end in itself. We have to sacrifice and to give up everything on the Calvary. But we are taught to receive blessings from the Cross every time by watching the television and DVDs.

You are a prophetic sign here. You are not supposed to follow the instructions of the servants of God who promote their ministries through television programmes. They teach you to see the devil in everything and to take the Name of Jesus in casting out the devil. But they do not teach you to take up your cross and to die daily by way of sacrifice.

You gave a right message to your husband. That is when we live for God; the demon will not be there. Living for God means our sacrifice at the Altar of Cross every moment.

Will you please read the message of InJesus published by me today? It is available in the following link.

It is a long message. Every one of you should take time to read this message. Please save this message on your computer and read it. It will really open your eyes. This message was written by Chip Brogden. Your dream is in confirmation of the message published by me today.

With love and prayers,

Job Anbalagan