Dream seen by Stephanie and its interpretation - Can gambling promote God? 


Dream seen by Stephanie Ray and its interpretation

Dream – Part-I

I dreamed I went to some sort of school to take a test and to get the test scores. I had my little son Alexander with me, he is 11 years old. I sat down and the class room door shut. The teacher started the class. People from the publisher clearing house came with news people. They interrupted the class and a black student named, "Micheal White," had won a million dollars, Publishers clearing house gave him a check.


You are taking a test in the prophetic school. You need to get the "test scores" which are your passing grades in this class to begin your prophetic ministry. Your little son, Alexander, represents the young people whom you will be teaching after you have passed out of this prophetic school. You have a young student following you. This shows you would be teaching the younger. You would be a teacher just like those who attend the class and pass the test with the right scores.

The publisher clearing house enters this classroom with news people looking for a "Michael White" because he has won a million dollars. The publisher clearing house represents those ministries which believe in publicity and advertisement for their ministries. Michael White was a black-complexioned student. The black color represents sin. These ministries are looking for young people to help them. The million dollar winnings are the expectations of these ministers from the young ministers. If you teach them about sufferings and persecution, they will not accept your message but will be leaning towards these ministers. They will be following these ministers.

You are a prophetic sign in this school. You would be teaching many young people in the prophetic. You will be dealing with a group of people likened to Michael White who would be enticed towards the false gospel of material prosperity.

Dream – Part-II

I got up and started yelling at the students, “CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD?" No one paid attention to me. So, I got mad and threw my school book on the floor hoping to gain their attention, but my book landed on the carpet part of the floor, I was still yelling, "CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD?" I than started pushing people in their seats at each table yelling at them, "CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD?” Michael White and the news people and publisher clearing house people got up to leave when my pastor and another priest came in with a long line of people blessing Michael White for winning the lotto. That's when I started yelling again, "CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD." I yelled at my pastor I was so angry. He just looked at me and kept blessing Michael White and his winnings.


You yell out... “CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD?" You were angry that no one would listen to you as you tried to correct the students. The pastor and priest bless this "Michael White" i.e. those who live in sin with material prosperity blessings as they do in the churches today. The pastors and priest do not preach the truth to the people. They merely preach about blessings through sowing seeds. You are angry when you see the people of God bless those who are in this false doctrine. Jesus felt the same way as you do. Jesus took a cord in His hands and drove away the traders from the Temple. Jesus revealed His holy wrath against those who commercialized God’s Temple. The pastors who follow the doctrines of Michael White will turn against you in your ministry.

Dream – Part-III

After every one of them left there was a table of students left in the back of the class room. I went to them and pushed them and yelled, "CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD?" one black woman got mad that I pushed her and said, "Yes, gambling promotes God." I said back to her, "YOU NEED TO REPENT AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU!" I kept saying to the students that were left, "YOU NEED TO REPENT AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU!"

The school was not a Christian school.


You push and yell at the students left "CAN GAMBLING PROMOTE GOD?" One black woman got mad and said, "Yes, gambling promotes God." You then say ... "YOU NEED TO REPENT AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU!"

The prophetic message that you are conveying is “Can gambling promote God?” Gambling represents the false doctrine of earning money and wealth by planting a seed of money in the ministries of Michael White. Paul told the Thessalonians that he worked with his own hands and that he was not a burden unto them. Of course, God blesses the people who give to Him. But it should not be treated as a gambling.

You have to teach the students about the need to preach a message of repentance. If any of them has been influenced with the false doctrine, you have to ask them to repent.

The school is not a Christian school... it is a prophetic school. This prophetic school is a school with a difference. It does not have the religious name of “Christianity”

May God bless you!

Job Anbalagan