Testimonies of students


Testimony No.1

Elizabeth Christine Gold

Here is my Bio. that I send to places that have me come to speak and minister. Gives you an idea of where I came from.

To start I was raised in a little church in Viriginia, so I had biblical teaching, but left home at the age of 15.

Christine Gould was raised in Virginia and moved to Santa Rosa Ca. in her teen years. As A child she was a victim of sexual and physical abuse by her Father and brothers. Her teen years were filled with rebellion, alcohol and drugs.

Later as Christine married she again found herself a victim of abuse and tragedy. Her first husband was sent to prison. Her next two marriages left her widowed with two young children to raise.

Finally, groping with thoughts of suicide, she called out to the God of her childhood for help.

At the age of thirty six Christine's life was dramatically changed when she received Jesus Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit.

The following verse is one she treasures and shares when giving her tesrimony of healing and deliverance.

( Isaiah 61:3 ) "To appoint unto them that mourn in zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, That He might be glorified".

The call of God upon her life became obvious to her Pastor. She became an active part of her church and other ministeries, and a few years later, she attended Bible College.

At the age of 48, Christine began full time ministry after giving up a job at a Savings and Loan establishment.

She served on the Pastoral staff as an associate pastor and counselor of her church. She then went into Peru for three years as a missionary-evangelist to teach and reach the lost in the poverty stricken areas.

Today, Christine continues to travel in her ministry throughout Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and all of California. She is a featured speaker for many churches, Christian organizations, retreats,and women groups.

She is a powerful teacher/ preacher and is used effectively in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Also a Liscensed ordained Minister of the Gospel through Independent Assemblies of God.

She serves on the international board of Directors for Air Time Ministeries Inc.

I also lived in a christian conference center for four year to be trained for the ministry

Now you can see why I have to minister to the hurting, abused, wounded, and addicted. Praise God I have been free for 30 years and no turning back, the cross is before me always and the Love of Christ consumes me.

Testimony No.2

Kristie Shrieves

My name is Kristie. I am a member of Glory of His Cross for almost two years, having arrived through a prophetic message, in great time of need, from our beloved brother Job, one that God Himself had to have dropped into my mailbox as I had never heard of this ministry prior to that. I have a ministry of my own for the past six years, which is marriage healing and restoration ministry based strictly on the scriptural word of God. The ministry is a multi-fold ministry, also dealing in the prophetic and deliverance. I am Holy Spirit filled and anointed, have the gifts of the Spirit, including prophecy through visions and dream.

I am a Christian writer as well, in the areas of marriage and deliverance. I received Christ back in 1979, during a traumatic season in my life. Prior to that I was raised in the Evangelical church & never heard about the plan of salvation. I also did a stint in Wicca, which is part of my testimony and calling in the deliverance area, the deceptions and devastation of this religion. I then, after salvation, was of Baptist denomination and pretty stagnated until seven years ago when I entered into the school of suffering, of which God had since raised me up levels spiritually. I now am of Pentecostal denomination, but more importantly is what God has done within myself outside of any denominations. The real transformation comes from God alone and revelation through His Spirit. I always thirst for more & more of God and His truth, fully open to reaching ever higher spiritual levels in Christ.

I have been in ministry for a total of six years, three to four of those years working within another ministry, and the last two to three years, in my own ministry that God sent me forth to establish. My God provided ministry is in the area of marriage restoration, but we are actually a multi-fold ministry that deals with salvation of course, Prophecy, Deliverance, Prayer. I at this time do not work outside the home, my time is devoted totally to the ministry and helping the hurting and those in need. We have over 350 members in the ministry, which goes to show how Christian homes and marriages are under attack, and that is just a small fraction of the numbers.

I have always had the gifts of prophecy, direct word, visions and dreams, and the gift of discernment which is my most prominent gift of the Spirit, so my calling is geared to deliverance more then anything else. I signed up for Jobs school because I have always somewhat quenched the gift of the prophetic. It has not been the most comfortable gift for me, and that because of my background. I was raised evangelical so to speak, parents not involved but just sent myself, but there is a history of paganism in my family history. Since a child I have had this gift, but have questioned as to what is what actually. As a child, I did not know Jesus, and was actually saved in 1979. Regardless, I had the gift, and before knowing Jesus, that gift was referred to by others as the gift of pyschic ability. My mother has the gift as well. As an early adult, I was for a time in the pagan religion of Wicca, so I am a ex-wiccan for Christ actually and that is part of my testimony and my calling, to disclose the deceptions of that religion and help set others free from this deceptive hold of satan.

Anyway, since accepting Christ and turning my life around, this gift has remained with me, but I have squelched it, because of what it was considered to be before in my life. It has been rather confusing to me as to what is what concerning my gift. God has used it often for the Kingdom when He has just pushed it upon me, meaning I do really try to squelch it and do not seek it. But that has been my discomfort with it as a Christian. Having it prior to being saved and people referring to it as psychicness then, it just does not feel comfortable as a Christian.

I thought that maybe this class would help me to sort it out and either help me find a comfort level with it for Christ, or whatever. It seems that the enemy does not want me to take this class however, because he has done his best to stop me, including a computer virus that in order to get clear of it wiped out everything I had, including the lessons and words sent out up until a week ago. But a dear sister resent them all to me, and because of what happened to me, I decided it would be nice to have the lessons posted here in case one loses them and needs to retrieve them again.

That is a bit about me and why I am in this class, which I now need to catch up on everything it seems. I actually came to Glory of His Cross by the hand of God Himself. On December 20th, 2004, my husband walked out on me and moved in with another woman and filed for divorce. It had been a six year long battle for our marriage, one that God created my ministry from actually. At this time, after so much warfare for so long, I kind of sat down on God, rejecting the ministry and to fight for the marriage anymore. On January 1st, 2005, in the wee hours of the morning, after midnight, I wandered to my computer and there I found a mail out from the Glory of His Cross, a ministry that I had never heard of and can only suffice to say that God Himself signed me up for. It was a mail out by our beloved Brother Job, and it was talking about missions overseas, and right dab in the middle of this commentary about missions was a word that hit me hard, that I knew was from God about my marriage and ministry. I actually fell to the floor and cried for quite some time. When I regained composure, I replied to that mail out, not knowing if a human would recieve it, and asked why that word was in the middle of a missions statement type letter. Brother Job responded and said that it was a word God had given to him and who it touched, it was for them, so it must be for me. Several things followed this event, like a phone call from a stranger, a woman out of state, and she also repeated the same words Job gave. But suffice it to say that the send out from Job that night that ended up in my mailbox, got me up and turned around back on course to what God had planned for me and my ministry.

Those things have come to pass now, my husband returned home in January of 2006 after much counseling and healing for a year. The ministry is thriving, and all is well, just as the word Job sent out declared. My husband is still very backslidden from the Lord however, so it continues to be a ongoing spiritual battle, and it is difficult for the most part, but I trust in the Lord to eventually bring everything under His covering and administration in His time.
God touched my life at a very fallen moment with Brother Job and Glory of His Cross ministry, and I have been a faithful follower since. Brother Job has been there for me through the hardships and lifted me up many times. I thank him for that, and I am very thankful for his ministry.

Testimony No.3

Pam Reynolds

My name is Pam Reynolds. I am 64 years young with 4 children 13 grandchildren and 2 almost 3 great grand children. I am working on my BA in theology.
I am a Deaconess in my church. I have gone on mission trips to Mexico which are very amazing. I will hold off on going there right now until it cools off some as I do not deal well with the heat. I do home and hospital visits on Mon. with my ministry partner. I work in the church book store as a volunteer. My God has been so very good to me. I am excited to get started in my studies.

Testimony No.4 

Gabriela de Paz

Loved Brothers and Sisters,

Hello, my name is Gabriela, I'm from Mexico, and I’m married.

The Lord blesses all of us and largely through one another in this school. Marvelously I have found this site. It was a surprise to me when I came across this website. When the invitation arrived in my In box, I took it a mere invitation but, and after I saw the invitation of Brother Job to a prophetic school, I immediately responded because my heart searched for the things of the Lord. The desire of my heart is to serve Him. The Lord has confirmed through Brother Job about His call for my ministry. I am very grateful to My Lord. I won't get tired of giving you thanks. Our brother Job had the vision of making this school. In fact I work all the day. I have three male children and attend to my home. As such I don't have time for attending a physical school. I also come of a restored marriage and truly the Lord is faithful. God is big.

Testimony No. 5

Gene Cooper 

Beloved of God,

I am one of your fellow students in this class.

I am one of nine children. Two of my older siblings died as infants, two others committed suicide as adults. My mother divorced before I started school. She was a godly woman; my father a spirist. How I thank God that He spared me the deception of my father's religion.

One of my oldest brothers got born again in the army in Germany. When he returned home, he encouraged our whole family to attend church. It was in a summer vacation Bible school there, that I received Christ as my savior. There, I also met the girl whom I later married.

I've taught in the public secondary school for 30 years and in college for 10 years; I think this will be my last semester in college. 15 years ago, I became one of the founding elders (pastor) of an independent Pentecostal church in Warren, Michigan, USA. I have been blessed to make two mission trips to Russia and Albania. The Lord willing, I will travel to Manila (Philippines) this fall on another missionary adventure...

My wife of nearly 44 years and I (our picture is attached) have three children and three grandchildren. One of my favorite passages of scripture is found in 2 Peter 1:1-4. The other attachment is a copy of a book of humor which I wrote, if you wish to peruse it.

Num 6:24-26 The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace." (NKJV)

Testimony No.6 


Pastor Job,

I want to sincerely thank God for you. 

There is something I never confessed when I joined the school. I was undergoing a lot of stress, both financial and spiritual, and my life was in a total mess. I had lost my job and all that I had saved I did not know how to look for a new job. The word of God was not making sense to me at this moment; this was from July last year until the day I started reading your messages and how I came to reach your website I have no idea. When I read about some of your messages I felt a touch and the will to continue with my trust in the Lord for sure I was so tired of going on and I had even confessed to my pastor that I could not take it anymore. So I signed up for your newsletters and then I joined the school. Then I got new strength and a new revelation about God who is my Father. I got strength to go on and I even went to look for this job. I have got it now with boldness. My pastor is a witness to that time and even after I joined the prophetic school my prayer life went to normal after doing the morning 30 minutes prayer.

I want to say to everyone that this school/your entire ministry is amazing and that God designed it and therefore no one joined by accident!

I could have explained much but I have to go back to work. I just felt that I should not ignore what God did. I am so glad and renewed daily to face every thing with joy because all I know is God is with me.

Testimony No. 7

Kennedy Mbani

My name is Kennedy Mbani from Nairobi Kenya, I am born again Christian and a member of small upcoming church in the slums of Nairobi (FIRE OF GOD REVIVAL CHURCH). The prophetic ministry is manifested through me in many areas.

I have dreamed things which have come to fruition and have spoken words of knowledge to so many who have affirmed the spoken words. I believe God has given me this gift and I know the prophetic school will enable me to realize my full potential in this ministry. Many I have prayed for and spoken word of knowledge have testified of good things God has done in their lives.

Many have been edified through my preaching and souls have been saved and the sick have been healed in the name of JESUS CHRIS.

Though I have not gone to the full ministry my potential is realized for church members with problems who come to me for prayers and intercession.

I urge you members to join me in prayers that God May extend my territory.

Testimony No. 8

Alexius Tjandra Jasin 

Brother Job, I am thankful to God to be able to participate in the prophetic school and also to know you, and I do apologize for not being an active student in your "class."

My name is Alexius and I am 40 years old, married with 2 children, Vanessa Alexandra and Darren Alexander, 8 and 6 years old respectively. I was raised and grown up in Indonesia with catholic background in a predominantly Muslim nation. I have been baptized again in water and Holy Spirit and I am now attending a local church in Jakarta, "Abba-Love", which is more like a cell church. Our Lord Jesus has been very good; He is continuously taking care of us in the midst of our struggles and problems in the real world. I thank Jesus because He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life." Because He said, "I am the water of life and I am the bread of life and He that believeth in me shall have everlasting life."

Please pray for my son and daughter, Darren Alexander and Vanessa Alexandra, that the Lord Jesus completely heal both of them from their sickness and always keep them in His mighty hands.

Testimony No. 9

Rev Charles & Tiffany 

Dear all brother and sister in Christ,

Greetings, in the precious name of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Brother Job and fellow students. We send our gracious greetings to you all in His wonderful and matchless name!

I returned from my travels for Resurrection Celebration where for the first time in many years, I was invited by long time friends to travel at their expense and gift to celebrate Resurrection with them in the state of Colorado, some 1300 miles from my Pacific Northwest Mission Outpost on the west coast of the USA.

Though I was not able in the weeks of preparation to stay current with the studies, I am again downloading, printing (I must so as not to use power per my landlady's rules) the lessons and joyfully studying them to gain the knowledge, understanding, discernment and Godly blessed wisdom as the Lord may choose to impart.

Many of the current lessons have to do with challenges and situations we have been faced with by the standard churches of this region. The region is filled with open witchcraft, Satanism (450 member Satanist church right in the little town where I live.) We find two Homosexual camps, a lesbian settlement and one pastor who has raised a homosexual son in his parsonage (denying as if not totally in his right senses that such a thing could or is happening). Another pastor preaches the prosperity gospel and acts as if he sits one seat below our precious Lord himself.

So the lessons, while challenging, are also a comfort in that I had been praying daily for one to four hours for a year and a half for answers from the Holy Spirit to help me know and deal with the heartbreak and conviction these things place upon me.

We deal with, and minister to, walk among and fellowship with, the poorest of the poor. Our mobile home ministry center will (when the Lord sees fit to finish it) have a food bank, a reading library, a music and small gathering room. This mobile home was a gift and raising the money to move it to this property and set it up has been a long task.

We, like Paul, when shipwrecked, will continue on, sure of our calling (humbly so) and set in the mission of taking the gospel of peace between God and ALL men to the poor which the standard church insulates itself from in these parts.

We shall also continue to share the message of joy with the dry bones of the people of this region and the hardened hearts and ears of the churchmen of the region.

I have no income, as I am, due to health, unemployable. We are guests of a non believing landlady for whom I provide some administrative help with her affairs due to her disability. I make my home in a 20 foot travel trailer and we are developing a gathering grove and this ministry center for receiving the unchurched and the poor of the region for fellowship, sharing, feedings and if the Lord leads, light worship and teaching.

We graciously receive about $200 a month from one supporter who, by the way only earns $700-$1,100 a month. We receive gifts of help and an occasional meal from a farmer friend who loves God and believes the church should be helping the poor. His encouragement is a Godsend and a helpful lifting in the day to day dreariness of joy we deal with in doing our work at God's calling.

We have one other supporter who sends us between $200 and $400 about twice a year. I manage to make some small sum (very small) selling some things on E bay and around.

Recently we were given the opportunity to work for six weeks for a man who was opening a new business and who trusted me due to our Christian fellowship to help him. The Lord provided the funds to purchase a little pickup truck which, though it needs some work, will serve us in serving God in the days ahead. (Another believer made this truck available for the small sum of only $400.00)! Praise God!

The works with my friend’s new business and the preparations and travel have kept me from being diligent in studying. I now, will pick up the lessons and diligently ask God to add their learning to my understanding that I may be a worthy vessel at His hand, only if by His grace and mercy.

We ask and covet your prayers and pledge same for all of you as we "press on toward the mark, which IS the high calling of Jesus Christ."

May the peace that passes all understanding be ours today and every day!

May Isaiah 58:11-12 be a tremendous encouragement to us all!

Blessed be the nation whose God is the Lord and whose people are His possession!
(Psalm 33:12)

Deep tears of joy and depth are flowing from my being now as I read and digest your message. May the Lord, for HIS glory, honor, exaltation and adoration be lifted by each and every thing we do or say. May HIS glory be our lifting! Thank you dearest brother.

I shall continue to study and search that God may bless us here with Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Discernment. That we may give unto HIM and to HIS PEOPLE Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Understanding and Surrender to HIS plan for US (all) that we may come to know joy and peace that passes understanding.

I am in deep and holy awe at the insights and understandings God has revealed to you. I also thank Him for the answer to prayer for a year and a half where this prophetic "move' is concerned.

My answers shall be forwarded so you may discern as to our being rightly dividing the word of God and testing to show all things (understandings and interpretations) approved.

I too, have had some visions. Praying through them and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit as to when I should convey them, only to be sure they were prophetic and not "personal instruction" and to find the time amidst my busy schedule.

Thank you brother Job, sisters and brothers helping with the school and fellow students. For the honor and privilege of "serving" the King of Kings with such lovely bretheren as you all.

May blessings abound for you all and for your families and those you serve in the Body of Christ.

Testimony No. 10

Tafadzwa Lillian Gotora

My name is Tafadzwa Lillian Gotora and I am a 25 years old single lady. I have been a Spirit filled christian for the past 5 years. I come from Harare, a city in Zimbabwe which is in Africa and I am african by origin.

My first encounter with the Lord was at the tender age of nine at Amandas Sunday School when I was led to the Lord by a woman named Denise Gaisford who was then my teacher. I got my first bible then after reciting 3 memory verses to Denise, I fell in love with the Bible then and couldn’t stop reading it. I enjoyed reading it so much that soon my fairytale books like Cinderella and Snow White then took second place to the Bible because it captured me and I was so busy memorizing new memory verses so Denise could give me more Bible stickers to stick in my new Bible. My family was Anglican and yet not regular attendants at that time. I was so hungry for God that at the age of eleven I asked Denise to pray for me to receive the gift of tongues, I never received it then but I was still yearning for more of God. I attended many Scripture Union Camps at that time.

At the age of twelve I was a boarder at my school and young lady who was Anglican and a bursar at my school told me she was getting confirmed the following week, I begged her to ask for permission to leave the school with me so that I could also be confirmed. The hostel matron allowed the bursar to take me and so I was confirmed and got my first communion. My parents found out that I had been confirmed when they came to visit at school. I never knew how much that touched them until they suddenly became regular churchgoers and even arranged for my younger brother, the following year to be confirmed and this time the whole family was there to witness him receive his first communion.

I was so in love with Jesus in Junior School I never thought it would go wrong. Then I went to High School. Again, I was a boarder and there I suffered from an identity crisis, encountered rejection from peers and was a constant rebel in class just so I could get attention. There were a couple of times I went to Scripture Union but I never changed. This went on for five years until my last year of High School. On the 23rd of May in the year 2000 and my final year in school, all the boarders from my school went to watch a play called ‘Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames’. I made a recommitment to the Lord that night and was baptized by the Holy Spirit two days later and spoke in tongues.

That was the turning point. The call upon my life had been placed on me at Amandas Sunday School and I had strayed but The Good Sherpherd had come to find me and put His seal on me and suddenly all the verses and stuff I knew about from the Bible were illuminated in my memory even though it had been so long.

After my ‘A’Levels I moved to Marondera a town here in Zimbabwe and joined the Vineyard Movement. I lived in a Christian Community where I experienced the love of God and received healing for the wounds of being raped at the age of four, molested and abused by female house-sitters and being rejected because I was not born a boy and many other painful things.

In God have I found and continue to find wholeness. I know there are many broken women who need to hear my story and realize that there is hope……..and even for the orphans because I am also an orphan and have also experienced many losses, having lost 3 siblings and a nephew to date.

God’s love has proved to me that I have no reason to be ashamed of anything I have been through in my lifetime. God used all those life experiences as stepping stones that have made me, shaped me and moulded me to be the woman of God that I am today. Though I have wrestled with a past that has been fractured and wounded ,God forgives and forgets and is pleased to use any vessel just as long as it is cleaned by His blood.

Testimony No. 11

Blossom Lyew Sang

I am a 70 year old plus great grandmother of Jamaica, West Indies, one of the Caribbean Islands. I was brought up in a Christian family but came to know the Lord in a different and personal way approximately 16 years ago. I have been walking with Him ever since and its no turning back for me. There are many struggles on this new path, but I am no longer the person I used to be. Although I am not 100% physically active, I assist in voluntary work among 34 householders in my vicinity caring for needs as I am able and as I see fit.

Many thanks for your welcome to this class.

Testimony No. 12 


My name is Robbi. I was called to the Lord at a very young age. He has seen me through much. I am thankful for Who He is to me. He is and has been my Protector, my Deliverer(in many ways), my Provider...all in all my Sustainer. I can truly confess I know He has never left my side. To Him I am forever grateful!

Testimony No. 13 

Judith Guest

My name is Judith Guest and I live in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. I am married and have 2 children. One who is 23 and the other who is 5 years old. I received the Lord as my saviour over 23 years ago. Last year I was searching on the internet for truth and found Glory of His Cross. I believe the Holy Spirit lead me to your website. I am so very grateful. Your words of life have spoken to my heart so often. I can't wait to get on the computer and see what has been sent. Thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord. Your site has blessed me and continues to. I hope this will be ok with all of you.

I just wanted to say again, thank you so much for excepting me into your school. I am so open to learn of what the Lord has for me.

Testimony No. 14

Holly Spivey

I am a single mom who raised two wonderful children on my own but now that I look back I can see that God had his hand upon me and my children even then. My son is now a missionary and is building a church in Canada.

My daughter is raising a family. The Lord is so good even when I could not see it He was watching over me. So many times He picked me up out of situations and put me back on my feet but it was not until 1984 that my eyes were opened and I saw that it was God all the time and that He was always there with me, He never left my side because He had a plan for my life. I am now a very strong christian woman and growing in the Lord more each day. He is my everything. He brought me out of a world of abuse and drugs and other sins. I attend a church that flows in all the gifts of the spirit and more so in the prophetic gift. The Lord has used me in many ways in the deliverance ministry and praying for the sick and for people in the occult. I just want to do whatever His will is for my life. God Bless you!

Testimony No. 15


Greetings!!! I am sending you this email in reply to complete my first assignment and to share my testimony with you. My name is Lynn Marie Rentz. I have always been a believer in God and was taught of his love at a very early age. I did come from a Catholic background, but my mother also taught me about relationship with God and Jesus, not just about church doctrines. I remember writing love letters to God at six years of age, placing them in my drawer and hoping that they would disappear, and I would know that God had gotten his mail from me. It was in 1987, that I gave my heart to Jesus. This happened through a friend, who witnessed to me and prompted me to come to her church. It was a Church of God, in Hammond, Indiana. After I knelt down at that altar call, I knew my life would never be the same. And it was not. There is so much I could write; so many things to tell, so many trials, and tribulations, painful journeys and wilderness learning experiences, the deserts, the valleys and yet so much joy HE has brought me.

I am now 45. I know that I want to purpose my life by serving Him and walking daily in what HIS perfect plan is for me. I know that I will never fully arrive, but I know that I want to walk closer to him, get to know the Holy Spirit better, and to continue to grow and learn. I have no problem sending you a picture of me, however, I do not have a scanner at this time. Hopefully this situation will change. Take care for now and God Bless.

Testimony No. 16 

Linda Maples

I went forward at age 8 at vacation Bible school for salvation, I remember hearing the pastor tell my mother that he thought I was too young to know. So at age 16 I went forward again after a hell fire sermon, but I remember that afterward that when someone came up to congratulate me I couldn't look them in the eye. At age 25 I actually made the commitment but fell into the wrong church and discouragement. At age 40 I really got serious and finally realized what it meant to have have a relationship with God and have been learning and ever since. The Lord has especially given me a love for the Jewish people and my Jewish roots. I am looking forward to what you have to teach in this class. The only picture I have is one of my husband and I together that I can send.

Testimony No. 17 


Hi brothers, God is good at all time. I went to school up to form 2. My mother is not working and she didn't have any way to get money to pay my fees, so that was the end of my school. I wanted to become a street girl and God said "No"; I will build you up". My friend went and paid for me to do a course in Computation. After I finished the course, I got a job in a security company called Wackenhunt and was employed as a security guard and I see myself as Admin Personnel. I cannot even write or speak good English but God does it for me. 

Testimony No. 18

Janet Mcgregor

My name is Janet Mcgregor. I am a Christian and believing in studying the word of God because it is the power unto salvation. In our compass I could go on and on and you know that. I must say thank you again.

Testimony No. 19 

Bishop Eddie Goff

I greet you in the name of the Lord. I was raised in the Church Of God Of Prophecy most of my early years. But when I turned close to a teen I began drinking alcohol, doing drugs even to the point of overdosing. I married at a very young age; my oldest son was born in 1980 with a lung disease and just died a couple of years ago. I also lost my youngest son and his mother in a car accident 5 years ago. I returned back to the Lord in 2000. I knew I had a calling of preaching in my life. And that is what I have been doing since 2001. I am in the prophetic ministry. I am the State Bishop for our organization.

Testimony No. 20


Jesus saved me from a sinful lifestyle in 1988 through the power of the Holy Spirit. He transformed me into a new person and illuminated my eyes to see the gospel and Gods word was revealed in my heart. He had given me dreams that had come to pass, ( which was accused of being of the devil) for instance for souls that were saved, etc and warnings to pray for those individuals. Jesus told me that because I loved much He had forgiven me of much, much given, much is required. The Lord had spoken to me and had given me Luke 4:18. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering to the sight to the blind to set at liberty them that are bruised" He also told me that I was chosen before the foundation of the world to accomplish His purpose.

When I was saved through repentance that the Holy Spirit drew me to a church to pray and repent, then immediately was baptized and a few days afterwards, burned up in sweat for a few days, which to me was a blessing through obedience, or an anointing placed upon my life to fulfill the calling Jesus called me to do. It was like a double portion of His grace, finding favor with all men, It was truly a miraculous transformation, blinded eyes were open, hearing the word with more understanding, and love walk had changed dramatically. God allowed me to minister His word to others in jails, hospitals, nursing homes, and knew this was God's will for my life, such wonderful peace, When God delivered me, he provided healing, deliverance, redeemed my soul from hell, sanctified me (set me part from the world) with the Holy Spirit, justified me as if I had never sinned, He said I will remember your sins against you no more. He redeems, justifies, glorifies, sanctifies us.

Testimony No. 21 

Francis Thomas

Dear Brothern,


I was born in a Christian family, but I was nominal. In the year 1979 April I attended a youth camp and gave my life to Jesus. By His grace I got saved and was filled with His Holy Spirit in November 1979. I have attached a photograph of my wife and self. We are serving the Lord for last 17 years in a full time capacity. Praise God!

Testimony No. 22


As for a testimony, I was raised a preacher's daughter - one of five children and grew up witness the lord having total control over the church and many signs and wonders happening.

For my personal testimony- due to an injury in 4th grade, I was put on seizure medications, on final take at 22 460 mg of sedatives a day. The summer before my 22 birthday- I went up for prayer for a headache and the evangelist said "Lord, heal her of the nervous condition" Things started to happen health wise that made me go to the doctor and she said, "This would mess up your medication level and scheduled tests for the next January". In the meantime I became a partner of TBN and on 4th January, 1983 I was wanting the healing so badly and started crying ,"Not my will but thine be done". I rolled over and went to sleep. During the night the Holy Spirit touched me. I rolled over not fast enough and saw the Lord leaving the room.

After a week I was waiting for the brainwave test results. My pastor came to me for prayer and said the Holy Spirit was at work in the room. He left and seconds later the neuroligist walked in and said," you are normal. You are going off the medication ( he still remembers the case)". I was on the medication from age nine until I was 22 yrs old i.e. ever since 1983. Thank the Lord. At the same time another healing took place. They found out my left kidney had been backed up and floating since birth. When prayer was made, a major surgery was averted. This is just a highlight as there are several healings that have taken place.

My Christian testimony is that I was saved and was filled with the Holy Spirit. I made a commitment to the Lord that what He wanted me to do I would obey Him. He gave me several gifts of the Spirit. I need proper training to be used of the Lord in the ministry. My heart's desire is for the Lord to lead me deeply in His ways where I will be sensitive to His voice and will thus serve Him wholeheartedly.

My testimony is still very long. The Lord is healing me from an abusive marriage and a bad situation right after it. I have learnt quite a bit from the situation and am now helping others who are going through the same experience. The gifts I mentioned are prophecy, word of knowledge, visions, healing, intercessory prayer and discernment. That is why I responded to your invitation to join you school for training. I am now being used by Him - at work and other places and some times very unusually. 

Testimony No. 23

Rita Martha

I was born and raised Islamic. In 1982 I received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour through Scripture Union at school. I suffered rejection from my father and other relatives. Praise be to God that today most of my family members are now Christians.
In 1992 I felt God was calling me to be in the ministry. I went to the bible school and I became a missionary. Right now I have a ministry of Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare here in Canada.

Testimony No. 24

Sydwell Vuyani Xhobiso

Dear Sir,

My dream is to preach the gospel that will lead people to Salvation, to be true Christians. I hope this course will enlighten me and with Gods’ help my dreams will come through. As a probationer your prayers will strengthen me and provide me with more wisdom to preach the word of God. Here I enclose my picture as requested.

Testimony No. 25

An unknown sister in Christ Jesus

Hello, Job and fellow students.

My name is .... and I live in the state of Missouri with my husband and two of my three children. My oldest son is married and lives a few miles away. My youngest daughter, is homeschooled; and my oldest daughter, is in college. I am self-employed as a freelance court reporter. Thankfully, it allows me to be home the majority of the time.

Catholicism was my religious background for the first 19 years of my life. Many times I asked questions as to why Jesus was on the cross. I never fully understood how everything fit together. I definitely did not question that I would ever go to hell since I was Catholic.

My husband (at that time fiance') informed me that just being Catholic would not get me into heaven. He was the first person who told me I was going to go to hell because I did not receive Jesus personally. Well, that almost caused him to be an ex-fiance'. But I needed to hear that I was heading in that direction and that I should not and could not trust in a religion. My security needed to come from the One who could give me salvation if I repented and put faith in Him and what He did for me through Jesus Christ on the cross. Thankfully, I was made into a new creation shortly before our wedding day, which was 25 years ago.

When I first spoke with God about my need for Him, I told Him that I wanted Him in my life BUT that I would not speak about Him as my husband did, that we would keep it just between the two of us. God, I believe, laughed at me.

After receiving His wonderful Holy Spirit, I wanted everybody to know what a wonderful Savior I have and what a wonderful God I now serve. I try to be a witness wherever I go and have had the privilege to pray with many to receive Christ. Praise God!! My second greatest desire is to see people give their lives to our Lord. My FIRST greatest desire - to know Him more and more.

God, I believe, caused me to "accidentally" find Job and the Prophetic School. I am very thankful that Job is a wonderfully gifted teacher. He allows me to question what he is teaching without being offended. Many pastors do not like being questioned about what they are teaching. They think if they teach it, you are to believe it and that's that. If you question them, they think you are rebellious. My learning is done by questioning. I need to make sure I understand what is being taught and I need to see it in the Scriptures for myself and know that is what it is saying to me, too. I feel like I am learning again as I did when I first became a Christian. (Thank you, Job!)

Also, I want to say "Thank you" to those who have been faithfully praying for every student. We need to hold each other up in prayer. It is so important.

God bless you with His grace and peace.

Testimony No. 26

Roberta Gibson 

We believe we are under the leaders that are accountable for not just speaking the word of the lord into our lives, but that God is using them to impart a new level of revelation into our spirit. Through them "He" is introducing us to "Himself" and "His" order and "His" plan in away that leave us know choice but to lean an depend on "Him" . We trust our Lord to walk with Us through His Divine plan and purpose and we say Yes "Lord" prepare "Us" for our journey!

That was taken from our program for our ordination as ministers in November 2004.

I am Roberta Gibson, founder / pastor [and wife of Pastor Rodney Gibson] (God's House) Serenity & Healing Ministries birthed from our Kitchen table Bible Study Support Group for Deliverance & Spiritual wholeness, in finding our purpose & minding our mission while developing inner strength & outer character.

We believe once you've been healed and delivered, you become a choice instrument who can effectively do what ever the Lord has called you to do.

Little did we know that December 30, 2005 we would be appointed "Pastors" and that answered the question;

~how would God move us from our kitchen table now this class answered the 2nd

~how would he prepare us for this journey.

We truly believe this is God's plan for me to be in this class. I am seeking to know God not about Him and I am not afraid because He created me different.

Your Ministry is far and in between and I am honored to be a part for what ever the Lord allowed you to cross my path for. I am just getting back from vacation. I work a full time job and teach bible study Wed, Friday and minister on Sunday. Oh that is know excuse for me, just the reason I am a little behind on my emails, and it means I just have to press in His might! Amen!

Thank you in advance for your faithfulness. I thank you for the encouragement just give me a few seconds to breath and I have questions and I need and welcome prayer. I thank God for you and Praise Him for our new found relationship!


Testimony No. 27 


Hello, my name is Kevin. My job transfers me around the country and have just moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania. My family consists of my wife Deborah and two sons Kevin and Justin but my heart belongs to the Lord. About myself, miracles have always been apart of mine and I owe my life to Jesus Christ. At birth I was not supposed to live and God saved me...as a teenager I was involved in a car accident that they told me there was no way I should have lived and God reached into the car and pulled me out.......as a young adult I was headed to an early grave and a christian friend spoke to me of the Lord and I immediately knew that I had to change my ways. I have dedicated my spare time to helping others less fortunate whenever possible and I owe all that I am and will be to the Lord Jesus Christ

Testimony No. 28

Deborah Chavez 

I think back about all the hurt and pain of my childhood that tortured me for so many years. I harbored anger and hate for those who wronged me. I sought vengeance. The hurt and pain that I caused others without remorse. I pushed people away who got to close for comfort. I hid behind a mask to save face, always the people pleaser, the life of the party, everybody’s goodtime girl, always playing the advocate. I was always putting my heart on the line and for what? My life was a never ending roller-coaster. Everything was a struggle if it wasn’t one thing it was another….. Always grumbling and complaining, nothing was good enough. Memories fade relationships with the flesh end, hearts break, the hate, the lies, the deceit and betrayal. Pretty soon you are forgotten. The pride and control that I gripped so tightly to like a hungry wolf was killing me, my spirit was crushed. My flesh was week and I was rotting away like a decaying tooth.

Who really knew all this was happening to me? I was broken down like a car without an engine. Finally I realized the one that had always been there was still there! He never left me he never intervened because I did not cry out to him, I never opened the door and I knew in my heart of hearts that he was always there….. Why didn’t I call on him? I’ll tell you why because I was in bondage by the enemy. Why do we not cry out to the Lord in times of trouble…..? Why have we forgotten him…..?

Being humbled by the Lord is a beautiful thing. I had never felt such humility in all my life. In April of 2005 I repented of all my evil, sinful wicked ways and surrendered my heart to the Lord and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior. I have a renewed spirit. My life has changed dramatically. I died to my old self. It doesn’t happen overnight. A relationship with the Lord is to be nurtured like a mother tends to the a newborn baby. My relationship with the Lord continues to grow I'm learning every day. With every day that the Lord allows me breath I am grateful my knowledge of God has made me all the wiser. I have been blessed in so many ways. This is my testimony I thank the Lord every day for my life.

There is REVIVAL for all who seek the face of the Lord. Don’t delay any longer, open the door if you hear him knocking simply call on him. What could be more precious then everlasting life? How can you not comprehend the ways of the Lord? God’s Word is flawless perfect in every way. The Lord asks so little. What is so important in your life that you can’t give the Lord his due respect and attention…..? Everything the Lord says is truth the Lord does not lie. What could be more important then a relationship with the Lord. That is why we are here on this earth to serve the Lord. We are here for the soul purpose of building relationships with others in the Lord Jesus Christ! Let the Word of God be your guiding light. Read God’s word “The Holy Bible”

Come out of the darkness for where there is darkness there is surely death. Cry out to the Lord now before it’s too late, the hour is very near.


Testimony No.29

Lori Middlebrooks

I am 62 years old. I have been married 34 years and I have two grown sons, and two wonderful grandchildren. I live in Missouri. USA

Growing up, I was a strong-willed "Preacher's Kid. " When I was six years old, I knew I needed a Savior. I invited Jesus into my hart. As I matured, I made made many wrong choices that made my life much more difficult than if I had always made Jesus the Lord of my life.

For the past ten years, I have been very involved in the Women's Ministry in First Assembly of God in our city. I serve the Lord as prayer coordinator there. Twice God has opened doors for me to travel to Africa on mission work.

Approximately two years ago, I had correspondence with Brother Job. I don't know how I made the contact, but God is faithful. We were going through a very difficult time in our home, and Brother Job ministered to me and my husband several times via e-mail. I thank God for his ministry.

Testimony No. 30

Sheryl Lloyd

Holy Greetings Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

My name is Sheryl Lloyd. I was raised in a Christian home but I completely surrendered my life to Jesus in 1991. He has really changed my life and made me a better person. I am not perfect but he is working on me daily.

Since serving Jesus I now know how it feels to be truly loved and I know how to love everyone regardless of who they are. I have been blessed!

In 2004, Jesus healed me from cancer and the doctors said it would come back but as of today I am still cancer free! I did not have to take any type of treatments. When I went back to start the treatments they stated, "There is no longer any signs of cancer." I have been telling people about this miracle and it has increased the faith of others. I was diagnosed with cancer on that Thursday and divinely healed that Sunday.

Due to this miracle that I witness in my life; my faith has been increase more than ever. Jesus has changed my life completely.

Testimony No. 31


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, in Christ. Although I was raised in a Pentecostal church where my mom would make us go every Sunday. I did not give my life to Christ until July 1993 when I went through some very diffcult times. A hunger and thirst for God was birthed in my spirit. He has also showed me what gifts he has deposited in my spirit all for his glory and honor.

During this time I was a single mom with four children. I continued to seek God and I knew that he had not saved just for me but to share Jesus with everyone I could. I began attending college and I asked the Lord to help me find a bible study on campus. I met my husband and we began in 1997. We did not know at the time that the Lord had brought us together to do God's work. We just knew that the students were hungry for God. We begin to work diligently to put the Bible studies together. Every Friday at lunch we had bible studies. The Lord told me you must fast every Friday and pray for those who will be giving their lives to Christ. Many got saved every Friday. We had many bumps along the way but we continued steadfast. Today I am the one who is leading the bible study through the grace of God. Students are still hungry and the Lord is good. I told him I would be here until he sends someone else to run with it. College students are faced with many many things.

The Lord taught me the secret of contentment. He also taught me he and he alone would be what I desired the most. My prayer was Lord if you have a godly husband for me he must be a man after your own heart. Someone who will love me and my children. He must be a man that is serious and committed to the Lord. I did not want a wishy washy man who was easily tossed to and fro. I asked God that I did not anyone who did not meet this criteria. I know the Lord has saved me to do his work and I needed a companion who would encourage me and discourage me.

The Lord spoke to our hearts and we got married in 1999. He is the best example of a Christian that I have ever met in my whole life. We had a son in 2002. We have been married for seven years. We begun a church four years ago. Although I knew that the Lord had great plans for our life. Somehow we would always wind up in leadership throughout the churches we attended. My husband had been prophesied over and over again by different individuals that the Lord had called me to be a leader. We have a desire to reach the unreachable. My husband has a powerful testimony. After the enemy stole so much from him as child. But that is another testimony. We are currently praying about going into the juvenile detention center here in town. We have gone in their before and I have been having a burden for the teenagers that are detained there. I am asking the Lord for it to be him and not me. There is so much work there. They are the forgotten and they are unwanted. I have been present when one girl was talking to her father and he said he did not want her back home. It broke my heart. So many of these teenagers are lacking attention, love and nourishment. Please pray for our church. I know God has big plans. We just want to do his will. Brother Job this ministry has been such a blessing to me. Every time I had something going on in my heart and I could only share with the Lord. You would send something that would give me confirmation and encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the school.

Testimony No. 32

AMEGBLE Kossi Zephyrin

My name is: AMEGBLE Kossi Zephyrin. I was born on 26th august 1962 in < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Gabon. I am Togo lese. The name of my father is: AMEGBLE Coffin Seth and my mother is AMEGBLE Acacia Gladys. She gave birth to 5 children: 2 boys, 3 girls. I am the fourth one.

I am married to one wife. Her name is: AMEGBLE Abram Edwige born on 27th April 1969 in Togo. We have two children, all girls. The first one is: AMEGBLE Believe, 4 and half years old; the second one is: AMEGBLE Faith, 3years old.

Believe is in nursing school and faith is just following her sister to school. My parent attended the Presbyterian Church with my sisters when I was a child. My brother and I attended the Catholic Church. In 1979, I received my first communion and in 1980 my confirmation. I grew under the care of my mother because my father was in Gabon. As a young man I became a drunkard, a smoker and a lustful man toward women.

As an adult I loved God and decided to go to Catholic Seminary to become a priest. I was zealous and in my mind I said: "the day I will become a priest, I will preach the word with more life". After some days in the seminary the priest called me and told me that he did not feel that I would work for God. I did not understand why he felt this way. I went that day in my dormitory and wept the whole night. From the day the priest said that the school personnel ceased to take care of me as before.

One week later, I withdrew from seminary. I came back home but continued to study. In 1988, I passed my A-Level exam and entered the University of Togo to study Agronomy. I did not do well so I decided to change my course of study to Biology. Because I believed that I missed the opportunity to become a servant of the most high I tried to force my destiny out. I said I must succeed by all means. The final exam was in three steps: the written paper which is the most difficult, the practical work and the oral. I passed the written paper but failed in the practical aspect. This was a great shock. I came back home, locked my self in my room and I wept from 9am to 11pm. I was asking God why? Why me? Why? It seemed that God was absent and He didn't care about my failure. The friends I worked with all succeeded.

While I was asking this question in tears I heard a song, which said: "Every good blessing comes from above. My son, weep not. For I have seen your afflictions and tears. I care for you and what I have in store for you is greater than what you have seen. Be anxious for nothing, I am your Shepherd. At the appointed time, I will surprise you. You are not a failure but a successful man. The desire you have for me will be accomplished". When I heard this, a fresh breeze entered the room, peace filled my heart, every sorrow went out and I felt light. In my country when a person fails the people insult you and count you as a zero. I was afraid to announce the bad news to my parents, but after God touched me with the song, I became bold enough to call and tell them. I was amazed when, for the first time, they showed compassion for me.

My father said that I should go to Ghana to be trained in computer science. A friend tried to poison me so that I could not go. When they took me to hospital, the doctor said it was too late and that there was nothing that they can do. While I was in the coma, I had a dream of that friend, waiting to hear that I died. But another voice said: “You are a chosen vessel; it is not time yet”. I woke up and that was the end of my sickness. The doctors were so amazed that they believed in God. The devil knew what would happen in Ghana and tried to kill before I got there. I recognized and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in Ghana.

After my healing, I left my country to go to Ghana. Another chapter began in my life: my conversion. In 1989, I arrived in Ghana, and still attended the Catholic Church. I was living in a hostel with people from many different religions. One day, I listened to a preaching tape from a charismatic pastor with fire, the way I like it. On Sunday I asked and went to that church. After preaching, I was so convinced by the message that I gave my life to Christ. I hosted a Deeper Life Church in my house for two years. The devil knew what would happen in Ghana.

But that day was so different. I noticed that something happened to me that I couldn't explain. What I realized is that I had disgust for the old things I used to do and association with the old friends. I joined the morning-prayer group that met from 5am to 6am every day.

With great difficulty I ended the relationship with my "so-called" fiancée. She called to meet with her again and again. First she met with me while among friends. They asked me what was wrong with me; if there was something wrong or if I was going insane or found another companion? I told them,”Yes, I have found another companion who is JESUS”. They said I was crazy. Her parent called me and I told them it was finished unless she was born again. She said she was a Catholic and was not foolish enough to change. I just thanked God for that statement.

I did not know if they reported my new decision to my father or not but he stopped providing my support. After that I suffered in that foreign country. I spent all my time working in the church for pastors for one year and I was helped by my new friends. I finished my two years of training in computer science and was supposed to leave but it was difficult because of the new life I found in Christ.

One day at 5am, I woke up as usual to go to Morning Prayer, and I was astride on the bed, and I felt vibrations in my belly that were carrying a message in English:<< I HAVE CHOSEN YOU>>. I was like a crippled on my bed and I wanted to see whether there was somebody around who spoke. I found none. And these words from 1 Sam 3:10 came in again: " THE LORD CAME AND STOOD THERE, CALLING AS AT THE OTHER TIMES, SAMUEL! SAMUEL! THEN SAMUEL SAID, SPEAK, FOR YOUR SERVANT IS LISTENING."

From that day, many people received revelations that, I would be a servant of the Lord. And I started to understand what was waiting for me. One month later the Lord told me to go back to Togo for the work He was calling me to do. I wept badly because I just finished my discipleship class and I knew not many things. How to do? I can say that the Lord forced me to leave. Almost every message, He was telling me to go. A friend and I went to see the pastor for prayer and we left. When I reached Togo border, I wept because I felt pity for the country and the hard time that was ahead of me.

I started a prayer group with that brother who shared my vision on 21st June 1991 in a school with 10 people to whom we preached the gospel. We were doing the work, making disciples out of what we learnt, but the time was getting tough and I decided to find job. The day they told me to look for the job, a strike came in the town and the company closed down. People started running away from the town because of hunger and that affected the baby church we just gave birth to. I was left alone; all the members disappeared and my co-workers also. When I went to the church, I prayed alone and ministered to my heart. And after one and half year new people started coming again through door-to-door evangelism. At that time, I was the sweeper, the cleaner, the open prayer leader, the praise and worship leader and the preacher. But to day I only sometimes go to church to preach. God is faithful. Ghaneen pastors said if we reached 20, I should come and called them, so they would take over. I did but they did not respond.

All these times, my family counted me as a failure when they heard that I was doing pastoral job. In our village, pastors are the poorest people. I am still praying for the blessings of God and one day they will be surprised, and change their mentality. God is doing it but there is more beyond.

One day the director of the school we are fellowshipping in said, that something was lost in the school and so he refused to accommodate us. I was informed one evening when we went for bible study after a rain. They closed all the classrooms. I can remember like yesterday that we stayed outside in the water to study the bible. I said to myself that I must work to have some money in order to rent a place for the church.

The following week I was received in a company. And we went into my friend's room to continue the prayer, waiting for my salary. But suddenly, trouble arose in the company and the government closed it. I was confused about my calling. I decided to call my father for help once again and he said he wanted to send me to Germany. But I have a choice between the church and the trip to Germany. I agreed and what I heard the next time after getting my passport was that somebody had stolen $20,000 from my father. So it was impossible for me to travel. In that situation I met an Evangelist from Nigeria, and he asked me to work with him. I told him my story and he quickly concluded that God had not called me to establish church that I should stop leading the people and hand over the church to him and I will be under him. I agreed and informed the church of our new step.

The day before handling the church over, the Lord dealt with me seriously in the night: "He took me into the school where we fellowship and I saw the members scattered outside. I asked them why they did not enter the room and be praying. They said that the door was closed and that they were waiting for me to open it. This surprised me because the door was opened and I could see it. The Lord told me not to do anything that I was about to do. He said:" I have another work for you. I don't lie. Go and take care of them, I prepare them for your care." I woke up in rivers of tears and everybody woke up in the house at 2:30 am. That day, I called the Evangelist and told him the Lord said”no” to what we were about to do, that I was ready to suffer to fulfill that which He has called me to do. He tried to convince me but I told him that I couldn't change my view because the command of the Lord was so clear. He told me I would never succeed without him. But I obeyed the voice of the Lord and to day his grace is seeing us through. God is faithful.

From 1997-1999, I was trained in a bible school and in theological school at the same time. The bible school was in the evening and the theological school in the mornings. I have my degree though it is not degree that matters. But I am looking forward to learn more and received my master degree and if possible my doctorate. So I need scholarship for that.

I thank God for his grace and faithfulness. Because what he told me that he will be my shepherd has come to pass. If not I would have sold my ministry longtime ago. Because I finally obeyed, souls were saved.

Today, we are a congregation of 200 members in 10 years of hardship and financial difficulties. Under my leadership, God raised 7 young men and women and other persons that are zealous for God. We have 2 branches with their pastors that we find difficult to entertain them because they are in the villages. We have a group of youth that goes to the villages for evangelism sometimes....... We would have done more if there were sponsors to help us. Since 10 years now we have been struggling on our own by divine grace.

Testimony No.33

Theresa Wycoff

God has done so much for me. I have been trying to put it in words...which is hard for me because His love and mercy is amazing. His forgiveness is wonderfully amazing. I went to church off and on all my life. I went to Baptist, Pentecostal churches. When my parents got divorce I started to have dreams...they were so scary...Christians thought I was nuts...I would have dreamed like someone close to me would die; then that would happen. I started to drink and take drugs to escape the dreams and the abuse of my parents. There was so much going on in my life from not having any thing to eat to not having clothes to wear to sexual abuse.

When I was 18, my foster mom took to what they call a spiritually church and we thought we were going to a Pentecostal church.. Oh how wrong I was! It was a cult...when I realized what direction I was heading in...I prayed God wouldn’t punish my son for my actions...I was so scared...those people disappeared from my life after my son was born.

Then I moved to Indiana when I meet this lady who took me to a Pentecostal church where I got to know the Lord. I failed the Lord many times. I thought God put a curse on my life and God hated me for what my parents did and for what I did. My life was very hard and I had no peace no joy. I really thought God hated me but He only showed me His mercy and grace. He showed me His power to let me know I was worth nothing. How wrong I was! A few years ago, things in my life were bad and I wasn’t going to church at all. God spoke to me and I went back to the church and started trying to get right with God. My life was still hard. I wanted to die and get it over with. One day I heard a preacher preach on Jacob and Esau...how Esau lost his birthright for a morsel of bread! How many times we lose our salvation by coveting things of this world. It clicked with me. For something I made my own choice and for some other things, my parents made their choices. I realized that God needed to make those choices for me and not myself.

I needed to let God be the Lord of my life...when I did that He gave me peace and joy that passed all understanding...life is so much better...and is getting better all the time. God mercy and grace that He has shown me bring me peace. Knowing that God loves me and does not hate me brings me joy. Running from God isn’t the answer but falling into His arms and surrendering everything to God and letting God be God in my Life has helped me and has given me so much peace and joy, grace salvation and mercy...comfort and so much more...God is awesome. God is a loving God...I am so blessed to have Jesus in my life; in my heart; in my soul; in everything around me...He has meet my needs up and above measure. We serve a mighty God.

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