Oh, Sleeping soldier of Christ 

Oh, sleeping soldier of Christ !


Years fly away
Yet revival tarries;
Months fly away
Yet ye are postponing 
God’s work;

Days fly away
Know ye not that these are last days?
Hours fly away
Yet, ye have not prayed for an hour;
Minutes tick by
Know ye not that each minute is very precious?

Oh, Sleeping solder of Christ,
How long wilt thou sleep?
Awake thou that sleepest
For our enemy is very brisk working around the clock!

Oh, he tramples the vineyards of God
Preventing the buds from blossoming,
Retarding the growth of young wines,
Making the vine fruit clean bare by his teeth which are of a lion

Oh, Sleeping Soldier of Christ,
How long wilt thou sleep?
Do ye not hear the heart-rending cries of lost sheep down from the valley of sins and death?

Do ye not hear the footsteps of your Captain up from the Heaven?
Awake now; otherwise you will loose the battle!  

 - Job Anbalagan