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(The following is the testimony of a dear brother who was a devout Sikh priest in Punjab and who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.  His name is withheld because of the persecution being faced by him from his relatives.  His testimony was posted in the website of South Asian Connection.  When his testimony was posted in the website, some Sikh gentlemen reacted to it and posted their views.  They were G.B. Singh, Shaun Singh, Ms. Janet Lant (an American girl converted to Sikhism.  Job Anbalagan, Glory of His Cross Prophetic Ministries, posted his counter-comments in the website).


This is my story

I was born into an orthodox Jat Sikh priest family. Because of our stringent religious background, I was educated in a Sikh mission school. My family members decided that I should become a Sikh priest. Therefore, I studied the holy book—the Shri Guru Granth Sahib—along with my secular studies. 

As I studied the holy book of my religion, my passion for God began to increase. As I read the Guru Granth Sahib, I felt as though I was about to reach God, but my efforts proved to be of no use. However, my passion was continually increasing, so I started searching for God in other sources. But my frustration was increasing as well with my lack on any good answers. I started stealing money and taking drugs. The more I wanted to save myself, the more I sank into an immoral lifestyle. All my efforts to find God came to naught.

Eventually, I denied that god even exists. I became an atheist but it didn't give me peace of mind. On two occasions I attempted to commit suicide. My life at that point was devoid of meaning and purpose.

One night I was preparing to go to a pornographic film. I was looking for a book to pass my time before the movie began. Suddenly I came across a book called Prem Ka Sandes (The Message of Love) lying on the windowsill. I thought it might be some pornographic book and excitedly grabbed it. Then I opened the book. It read, "For God so loved the world…." I just read those four words and cried out, "It's nonsense! There is no God". I threw the book to the ground.

As usual, the next day I was getting ready to watch another pornographic film. I picked up a newspaper-covered book. It read, "I want to give you eternal life." I heard a silent voice within me repeatedly saying that phrase. "I want to give you eternal life.'' I placed the book back and started to think about the voice. I could not watch the movie that day. The same voice was echoing in my mind. The next day, I returned from college early and searched for the same book and started reading it.

The book led me to a Christian pastor.  "I want to meet with God. Can you help because I have failed before?" I asked the pastor.

“Come to Sunday worship and surely you will find God," the pastor replied. I attended the church regularly for one year but to my surprise nothing happened. I went to him again and threatened him with a knife for not helping me find God. He gave me a prayer script and told me to kneel down and pray before going to sleep.

I read the prayer twice but, as I expected, nothing happened. I was angry but decided to read it from the bottom of my heart. Suddenly I found myself weeping and tears were rolling down my cheeks. I began to remember every scene of my life. All the sins that I had committed in my past life came before me one by one. I almost became senseless on my knees. That night I felt the awesome presence of the Almighty God in my midst.

Early in the morning my younger brother knocked on my door again and again. After a long time I suddenly came to my senses. I got up and heard somebody calling me from outside. I felt a strange experience within me. Everything seemed to be new. All my burdens had rolled away. Now I had a will to live. My heart was filled with unspeakable joy. It was an absolutely mystical experience that I had had the night before. As soon as I opened the door my younger brother cried, "Oh, your face is shining like the sun! I am unable to see you." I went to look at my face in the mirror but didn’t see anything unusual. I was frightened.

I went to the Christian pastor and asked about the strange thing that had happened to me. The pastor replied, "You have received God. Jesus Christ has come into your life." After a few months I had a water baptism. I had decided to publicly commit my life to Jesus Christ.

That’s when the persecution started. My family members started torturing me. Many times they attacked me and tried to kill me. Even the pastor was tortured and a case was filed against him. My family members hated other Christians and attacked them too. But as I looked upon the cross this suffering seemed insignificant. There are many such incidents of torture, injustice and persecution that have taken place in my life. I would like to mention one such incident below.

One day, my uncle took out a gun and told me to write my identity as a Sikh but I wrote my testimony of a changed life and gave it to him. He gave me a few seconds to denounce my faith and started counting. I told him, "If you want you can kill me. If I will die right now I will be with Christ or if I am alive Christ is with me, there is no difference." He pressed the trigger but I was saved because at that moment his son lifted the gun and he missed the target. He took out his pistol and wanted to kill me but his son interfered again and I was saved. 

Many times during the cold season, I was kept out of the house for the whole night without proper clothes. In August 1996, my family made a fifth attempt to kill me. Thank God my mother helped me to get away from the house. I was residing in my friend's place where my body was totally bruised. As days passed by I started my ministry in the neighbouring city. 

In June 1999 I received a phone call from my friend. He humbly requested me to vacate the city immediately because my family members had come to know of my whereabouts. Even this time God miraculously saved me.

Finally, I applied to a Bible College to pursue my thirst to study the Bible comprehensively. I know that staying in one place for few years could get me into trouble but by faith, I came down and started studying God's Word. To this day my family members and community are dead against me. Before leaving the Bible College having graduated with a Masters in Divinity, I received a threatening phone call from my brother.

I thought my days on earth were numbered, yet I know that God has a purpose in my life and therefore He has led me this way. I reside securely in God's saving grace and mercy. I am saved to serve as a saint and soldier for Jesus Christ. (2 Timothy 2:3, Philippians 1:1)

This living testimony is true. The author wishes to remain anonymous.

Comments by G.B. Singh:

Dear Mr. P.S. Sandhu, The story as written does not sound true. A credible story requires at the least some authentic description of this man. I challenge you to open the Bible and read it carefully. I ask you to come forward and debate the Bible on the pages of I hope you will take this challenge in good stride. There are many advantages to you. You will be able to reach many thousands of readers and they will be interested in knowing the "good news of Jesus." Think about it.

Counter-comments by Job Anbalagan

I humbly respond to the comments of my friend GB Singh. GB Singh says that the story as written does not sound true and that a credible story requires at the least some authentic description of this man. Can my friend believe the other stories published in this forum on people like Bhupinder Singh, Rabi Maharaj, etc.? If we publish the testimonies of people who are described in a vivid manner, you would not believe us. If we publish the testimony of someone without revealing his identity, you would doubt the same. What can we do? What is more important is the word of testimony rather than the description of the author. Here is a person whose life was completely changed by the power of the gospel. You want us to produce evidence to prove the authenticity of the Bible. But when we produce the historical evidence, you would not believe us. Here is the powerful word of testimony that proves the authenticity of the gospel that establishes beyond doubt that Jesus Christ lives today, touching and changing the lives of sinners. With all the humility, I have accepted the request of my friend GB Singh and I am now participating in the esteemed Sikh Spectrum forum. Yes, we would prove the authenticity of the Bible through logic and jurisprudence, and not by quoting from the Bible. I thank my friend GB Singh for giving me an opportunity to preach the glorious gospel to my Hindu and Sikh friends through the Sikh Spectrum forum. May the Lord bless you! We love you from the depth of our hearts.

Comments by Janet Lang who was an American Christian converted to Sikhism posted her views and her views and the counter-views of Job Anbalagan are given below:

Dear Janet Lant, I offer my comments on your post. Please take time to read the same with all the patience. Do not run away from the truth we present here.

Job Anbalagan

Point No.1

Views of Janet Lant:

"I AM STILL A CHRISTIAN BUT WILL SOON CONVERT TO SIKHISM.  Listen , I never got around to telling you some of the things about Sikh religion that convince me of its authenticity. One major evidence is the "Holy Book" of Sikh religion known as the "Granth Sahib". The Granth Sahib was complied over a period of 240 years by the hands of the beings that founded Sikh religion. All copies are matched to the original handwritten one. It is scientifically impossible for any known being to write a book with all the qualities found in the Granth Sahib. Below are some of those amazing qualities"

My comments:

Will you please first tell us how you are “still” a Christian? How are you a Christian, without possessing Christ in your life? You are talking of a very short period of 240 years to test the authenticity of Grant Sahib. Vedas were written thousands years of ago. Granth Sahib was written by the hands who founded the Sikh religion whereas the Bible was written through the holy men filled with the Holy Spirit. Copies can be matched to the original script when the original script is in tact. There is nothing new about this fact. Science has nothing to do with the writing of a book. It is only through knowledge someone writes the book.

Point No.2

Views of Janet Lant:

It is written using very deeply profound words obtained from over 16 languages. (I would say that it's words are more profound then that of any other Book on the planet, but that would not get anywhere, I would be simply dismissed as being biased) The words from over 16 incompatible languages are incorporated in a way that they make perfect sense. The alphabet the Granth Sahib uses was invented by the Supreme Beings that wrote it. The Alphabet is called Gurmuki, it is impossible to make a spelling mistake using this alphabet because it has logical grammar rules. Every word or sound can only be written one way. Not like English where the k in knife is silent. This is the easiest alphabet to master. I bet the world would be using computers a long time ago to write things using speech recognition programs if Gurmuki was the business language of the world. Every sentence is written in poetry of the highest order. (William Shakespeare would have been envious.) At the same time every sentence rhymes. At the same time everything is in music verse form, so that all sorts of musical instruments can be played while it is sung.

My comments:

One can write a book using very deeply profound words obtained from over 1000 languages, or the languages of the whole world (not merely 16 languages). When you have not read all the books of the world that contain rich poetic or scientific content, you cannot come to the conclusion that Granth Sahib is the only book that contains “very deeply profound words”. Have you read the wonderful book of morals, namely Thirukkural, written by a Tamil Poet, called Thiruvalluvar? This book was written years 300 B.C. You talk of a book written about a few hundreds of years. If you have not read the books like Thirukural, etc, you should not make such a comment like this. Thirukkural contains words of wisdom; speaks about creation; speaks about science; speaks about the richness of the Tamil language, (the oldest language of Dravidian culture in India), the heritage of India, etc. You talk of Gurumuki and I talk of Tamil. The alphabets of Tamil are unique in nature and other languages have adopted some of the alphabets of Tamil. Please do not claim that it is impossible to make a spelling mistake while writing Gurumuki. Please note that err is humane. Please write Gurumuki at a sufficiently high speed and see whether you have made a spelling mistake or not. Please do not speak such childish things here. Will you please try to learn Tamil, the oldest language of our land which was born millions of years ago? I bet Gurumuki cannot stand just near this language, my mother tongue. You can ask the Pundits of the language experts of this world. Similarly, my Urdu and Sankskrit friends also would claim like me. All languages of this world are divinely inspired. If God wanted the people to be saved by speaking a particular language like Gurumuki, then He would not have allowed His creatures to learn other languages. Your argument is puerile.

Point No.3

Views of Janet Lant:

Sikh religion believes praying should be a very pleasurable, stress reliving, thought provoking event. Most other religions believe praying should be an act of submission (Catholics make you kneel allot!), unquestioningly following rituals, and fear of a jealous Angry God (the Ten Commandments of Judao-Christianity state something about God being a Jealous God and one prone to Anger.) Now Job, tell me does it make sense following a God who is so immature he gets Jealous, how insecure could that kind of a God be! And how wimpy and powerless must this God be if he gets angry.

My comments:

The God of the Bible exhorts us to pray in the Spirit and in the truth. He is not very particular that you should worship Him by kneeling only. We pray not to relieve our stress but to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. We pray that others may be blessed by God. Are you angry? Are you happy? If you are not angry, you are not a human being at all. Similarly, if you are not happy, you are not a human being at all. If your son or daughter commits a sin, will you be happy with him or her? If a man who is the creature of God has the attributes of anger and happiness, why cannot God, the Creator, have such attributes or qualities? Yes, God is jealous. You should know the meaning of “jealous” here. It is not the jealousy that a person possesses when others are blessed or favoured. Jealousness of God means exclusive devotion to Him. God does not want His creatures to serve lifeless idols. For example, your son or your daughter makes a toy out of clay and starts loving that toy of clay. What will you do to your child? You are a loving and living father whereas the toy made of clay attracts all the love of your son or daughter. In a similar manner, the God of the Bible does not want His creatures to worship and serve the idols made with human hands. You want a God who has no attributes of anger, love, jealousness, righteousness, mercy, long-suffering, etc. Your statement clearly shows that the god whom you want to worship is not the God but a god. You are here creating a god out of your own imagination – a god without anger, a god without love, a god without righteousness.

Point No.4

Views of Janet Lant:

The God of Sikh religion never gets Jealous because he made all those awesome things that make insecure persons jealous. Sikh religion also says God is without anger. Their is a very beautiful song about this in the Granth Sahib! Plus before the Equal Rights movement, in fact 540 years before , Guru Nanak said many nice Praises about women, instead of condemning them like all the other great religions do.

My comments:

You talk of a period that existed just 540 years ago. But we talk of a period “in the beginning” – a period which has no beginning – a period which was not seen by any human being. “In the beginning God created…..” If any religion presents a God who is devoid of the attribute of anger, it is only a false religion. Have you read the Bible, especially the New Testament books of the gospels, etc. where women are given equal status in the eyes of God? This is a separate subject. I will not dwell at length on this subject.

Point No.5

Views of Janet Lant:

Quotes about Women in Sri Guru Granth Sahib In praise of women. "We are born of woman, we are conceived in the womb of woman, we are engaged and married to woman. We make friendship with woman and the lineage continued because of woman. When one woman dies, we take another one, we are bound with the world through woman. We grow up stronger and wiser having drunk milk from the breast of woman. Why should we talk ill of her, who gives birth to kings? The woman is born from woman; there is none without her. Only the One True Lord is without woman" (Guru Nanak Dev, Var Asa, pg. 473)

My comments:

Yes, we do agree that women give birth to children and that babies sucking milk from the breasts of women are becoming wiser. Please note “One True Lord is without woman”. Jesus Christ, our Lord, was born without sexual union with the woman. He was conceived in the womb of Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Point No.6

Views of Janet Lant:

Marriage is an equal partnership of love and sharing between husband and wife. "They are not husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one spirit in two bodies." (Guru Amar Das, Pauri, pg. 788) Women have an equal right to participate in the congregation. "Come my sisters and dear comrades! Clasp me in thine embrace. Meeting together, let us tell the tales of our Omnipotent Spouse (God). In the True Lord are all merits, in us all demerits." (Guru Nanak Dev, Sri Rag, pg. 17)

My comments:

We entirely agree with you. You claim to be a Christian now. Have you read the Bible, especially the New Testament books that define the relationship between the husband and the wife.

Point No.7

Views of Janet Lant:

God is the husband and we are all his brides. "The spouse is but One and all others are His brides. The false bride assumes many religious garbs. When the Lord stops her going into another's home, then is she summoned into her Lord's mansion without any let and hindrance. She is adorned with the Name and is dear to her True Lord. She alone is the true bride and the Lord lends her His support." (Guru Nanak Dev, Ramkali, pg. 933) (note: Lord is one of the names of God)

My comments:

As a Christian, have you read what the Bible speaks about the bride, the church, and about the believers who are espoused to the Heavenly Bridegroom, Christ Jesus?

Point No.8

Views of Janet Lant:

God is our Mother as well as our Father. "Thou O Lord, art my Father and Thou my Mother. Thou art the Giver of peace to my soul and very life." (Guru Arjan Dev, Bhairo, pg. 1144)

My comments:

I wonder how you are a Christian without reading the Bible. In the Bible, you find the motherly love of God and the fatherly love of God. I can quote the verses from the Bible.

Point No.9

Views of Janet Lant:

The rape and brutalities committed against women by the Mughal invader Babar condemned. "Modesty and righteousness both have vanished and falsehood moves about as the leader, O Lalo. The function of the Qazis and the Brahmins is over and the Satan now reads the marriage rites (rape). The Muslim women read the Quran and in suffering call upon God, O Lalo. The Hindu women of high cast and others of low caste, may also be put in the same account, O Lalo." (Guru Nanak Dev, Tilang, pg. 722) The practice of women burning themselves on their husband's funeral pyre (sati) condemned. "They cannot be called satis, who burn themselves with their dead husbands. They can only be called satis, if they bear the shock of separation. They may also be known as satis, who live with character and contentment and always show veneration to their husbands by remembering them." (Guru Amar Das, Var Suhi, pg. 787) The ritual of dowry so prevalent in many societies condemned. "Any other dowry, which the perverse place for show, that is false pride and worthless gilding. O' my Father! give me the Name of Lord God as a gift and dowry." (Guru Ram Das, Sri Rag, pg. 79) First Supreme Being Guru Nanak laid the foundation of Sikhism which believes in a casteless, egalitarian society which guarantees equal rights to Women. Each of the Supreme Being Gurus under authority of God gave women equal status. They gained social and religious freedom at a time when the existing religions and society considered women to be property. The false notion that they were inherently evil and unclean was removed. A woman was regarded as temptation-incarnate. The Gurus exposed the folly of such notions. [Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, they all directly say Women are Unclean and Inferior.]. Sixth Supreme Being Guru Hargobind called Woman "the conscience of man". In religious gatherings, men and women sang and preached without any distinction. The wearing of purdah (women wearing veils to hide the face) was rejected as demeaning to women. Guru Hargobind refused to have dinner with any Queen who wore a veil. Ik OnKar: means "One Creator" The circle is a chuchrum representing the Universe, the double edged sword represents the positive and negative side of the Force, the 2 swords on the outside of the sphere represent the hands of the One Creator protecting and beholding all that exists and beyond. My comments: I have no comments to offer on your above message because we agree on the above truths more than any religious teacher. 

Part 2 Dear Inquisitive, challenging brother "Job", I will answer all your questions in better detail when time permits. For now I will torpedo your points. PLEASE READ THE KHALSA CONSENSUS ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI. Then you will see that Sikhs have more Divine proofs than any other Religion. I was born and still am a Christian, but I will soon Convert to Sikhism. The main reason being the Bible is anti-Women, it talks about the Woman’s Curse, the Old testament says God wants you to steal a baby boys foreskin, Science now says that mutilative operation is very harmful to the Defenseless infant boy, Mothering Magazine did a Science article on it. But Sikhs knew one should never destroy any Gift God gives, so cutting of a skin from the genitals is quite Evil, what happened to Human Rights.

The Sikh religion Honors infants and all beings! Everyday a teaching of the Bible is found to be harmful. 

My comments: 

You claim that the Bible is anti-women. This clearly shows your knowledge on the Bible at all. The Old Testament God did not want to steal the boy’s foreskin for His pleasure. The Old Testament commandments are a foreshadow of the New Testament doctrines. Under the New Covenant, the Lord does not require the boys to undergo “circumcision” at all. He wants the circumcision of our hearts so that we may know the truth. He wants the circumcision of your heart to know the truths contained in His word. Scientifically, it was for the welfare of the boy that God instituted the practice of circumcision. Millions of boys had undergone the circumcision during the Old Testament period. None of them was reported to have contracted any disease after undergoing the circumcision. Muslims still practice this. Maybe, the Mothering Magazine might have done a research on this subject. We will not believe this latest research. Yes, circumcision caused pains to the infants. It was momentary only. Surgery is painful but one has to undergo the same for getting rid of that part which is diseased. The foreskin of the boy which was diseased was to be removed for the welfare of the infant boy under the Old Testament laws given by God to the Jews. It was meant only for the boys and not for the girls. I will now come to the woman’s curse. It seems I am writing to a person who does not know the ABC of the Christianity. I wonder how you are a Christian now, willing to convert to Sikhism. God did curse the woman Eve because she did not obey the One who created her. Though God cursed the woman, He made a way for saving her. Through His mouth, He punished her. But He embraced her through both of His hands. Point No.2 of your.

Views of Janet Lant:

Part-2 First: You claim the proof that a revelation is truly from God, is Prophesy! As you know any occult palm reader etc... can claim they predicted an Earth Quake a year before it happened. All a Psychic has to say is next year the Earth will shake. Chances under rules of Science are that there is a good chance that some kind of explosion or Earth Shaking activity will happen in a year, so Prophesy is just clever manipulation of history. You say "The Bible prophesied hundreds of years in advance giving detailed accounts of the major empires of the world and all major cities of the ancient world as well as the names of two emperors 200 years before they were born". I have read the Bible, I find that these so called revelations do not prove anything anyone can make them, it's easy to turn anything written in the past into an accurate prediction, by stretching interpretations to suit an end result.

My comments:

Can you make a prediction (which need not be accurate) of what will happen tomorrow? I do not want you to predict something that will happen after a year or so? Make a prediction in our forum today about tomorrow. Please do so.

Point No.10

Views of Janet Lant:

Not to really answer your challenge. SIKHS do not depend on Prophesy, because God like a Movie producer can make any changes whenever He/She wants to. What Proves the Sikh religion came directly from God is it is the only Religion in the world that has perfect Science. Your Bible was the reason Galileo was almost Executed, because the Bible was saying the Earth is Flat & the Sun revolves around the Earth. This Male Egotistical writing is now proven face by Science. The First Supreme Being GURU NANAK, "The Light that Dispels the Darkness", wrote many Divine Poems describing Solar Systems. If you know science you know Solar System means a planetary system in which all the planets revolve around a central Star.

My comments:

If, according to your argument, God works like a Movie Producer, He should have all the attributes of a Movie producer. In the movie, you can see the display of human characters. A movie producer just makes his films for a profit or for a fun. You are treating God like that. Comparing the God of the universe to a Movie maker! Ridiculous! You claim to be a Christian. If Guru Nanak wrote “The Light that dispels the darkness”, that light is the Light of this world that enlightens every soul that comes to Him. God of the Bible created all things including the Solar systems. Guru Nanak only discovered this truth. Dear Janet Lant, Today I present my views in a second installment. At the outset, I challenge you to prove your Christian faith. How did you become a Christian? Whether you have received the assurance of salvation through the forgiveness of all your sins? All religions including Sikhism condemn and expose sins. You cannot say that you do not know the meaning of "sin". If you do not possess the Spirit of Christ as a mark of your being a Christian, it does not make any difference in your life even if you convert to another religion. Christianity is not a religion at all. It is the way of life – a life of victory over sin and death – a life of holiness – a life of death to self and of living for Christ.

Point No.11

Views of Janet Lant:

Second proof:  The first Supreme Being or Light that Dispels the Darkness-Guru Nanak with his own hands at the order of God wrote Hymns that say the Earth and many planets are round. I will now Quote a Divine Poetic Quote translated from Gurmuki, that teaches that not only is Earth Round but there are uncountable Earths(planets), Uncountable Solar Systems around which they orbit, Uncountable Galaxies. Chris Hammer, you know that it was only a few decades ago when "Hubble" an astronomer discovered that we live in a Galaxy, then much later Hubble discovered that there are many Galaxies outside our own. Well Mr. Hammer, the Sikh Holy Scripture which is the only Holy Book written by the Founder(s) of its faith. That is like saying Jesus wrote the Bible, instead of Chauvinistic men 100's of years after Jesus died.

My comments:

Guru Nanak ji has merely written what he has discovered through his faculty of mind. The God of the Bible created all things, both seen and unseen. He existed in the beginning – before the creation of the solar systems, planets, galaxies, etc. Poets write hymns out of their intelligence and creativity. It is a God-given talent or gift. “In the beginning, God created the earth and the heaven” (Gen.1:1).

Point No.12

Views of Janet Lant:

The Guru Granth Sahib, over 540 years ago stated that their were Countless Galaxies, Galileo was not born until 100 years later. Guru Nanak did not have a Telescope or vast scientific resources like Galileo did. If that is not enough & you demand Sikhs to have prophesy to be valid, then I will give you something no human not even Jesus knew, the Gurus said there are Universes upon Universes, Spheres upon Spheres. What this means is that when you reach the end of our 15 billion light years size Universe, go many times that distance into empty space, you will encounter the neighboring Universe, keep traveling and the scenario will repeat. Now the Spheres upon Spheres means that about 400 trillion Universes each the size of our one Universe make a Spherical structures called a Sphere, & that there are countless numbers of these huge Spheres each containing Trillions of Universes.

My comments:

True, Guru Granth Sahib, which was written over 540 years ago, speak about the wonderful creations of God, science, etc. Why do you talk about the universes that you have not seen, the spheres you have not seen, just to conclude that it was only through Guru Nanak or the Granth Sahib you get revelations about these creatures? See what you see through your own eyes i.e. your life on this earth, your family, your friends, your office, the sky, the sea, the galaxies, etc. When you are not sure of what will happen to you tomorrow, or when you do not know what is in store for you in this very world, why should you go to a world of imagination to know about a life which you have not seen – a world which you have not seen? Jesus speaks about the world which you live here, and about a life after death which is a reality. A human being has to die one day. You may be studying about the astronomy and the science but may miss the great salvation for your soul.

Point No.13

Views of Janet Lant:

Now Mr. Job, your God is a God of 1 Flat Earth, 1 spiritual heaven, and 1 Spiritual Hell! The Sikh God as I mentioned above is bigger, his Earth is a Sphere, he is master of many Planets, Universes, Galaxies etc.. plus his is master of countless Physical Heavens in addition to 1 Spiritual Heaven + countless Physical Hells in addition to 1 Spiritual Hell! So your God Mr. Hammer is quite small in power etc... How come your Bible did not mention this.

My comments:

The God whom we worship is a not a God of one flat earth, or one spiritual heaven, etc. He is the God of the earth and of the heaven. He is the Creator of all things, both seen and unseen, both temporal and eternal. The Bible need not mention in detail about the created things like the dimension of the earth, shape of the earth, etc, because all such knowledge is not very essential for the salvation of men. There are scientists, doctors, astronauts, etc. to discover what God has created. Why should God fill the space of His Word with all these details? He has revealed what is required for our living. Even then, there are many passages in the Bible that speak about certain scientific or other kinds of discoveries. The Bible says in Job 26:7: “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing”. Can the science deny this truth? It also says, “ Iron is taken out of the earth and brass is molten out of the stone” (Job 28:2). Can you deny it? Do you know that many scientists were influenced by the Bible while discovering what God created?

Point No.14

Views of Janet Lant:

Now to give you a prophesy, in the Future your Scientists will discover that the Sikh religion was correct when Guru Nanak stated there are Universes upon Universes, then much further into the future your Scientists will eventual realize that Trillions of these Universes form a Sphere. Below is the Quote! Enjoy! "There are worlds upon worlds, solar systems upon solar systems, galaxies upon galaxies, universes upon universes, spheres upon spheres, They function according to Command of God. God gets joy by thinking of and beholding His Creation;" "Beyond this Earth, there are many more and more earths. What power bears their load from underneath? (Not the supposed bull, but God's Force)." "God's One Word created the world's expansion. And lacs of rivers began to flow." "There are nether worlds and more nether worlds below them and there are lakhs of skies over them. Limitless the worlds beneath, limitless the worlds above. One may grow weary of searching out His limits. One can never reach the end of His Vastness." "The continents, worlds and solar system, established by God, sing His glories. God's enlightened beings steeped in the Name, who are pleasing to God, sing His praises" "God has His seat and His storehouses in all the worlds. Whatever is stored, was put only once for all, enough forever!" "How many Indras, moons, suns, and how many Star Systems [Surya Mandals], and stars, How many [countless], Siddh, Buddhas [like Gautama Buddha], Nath [Gurus], and how many forms and incarnations of Devi [Durga], How many Angles, Demons, Speakars of Truth [Muni], and countless Oceans having precious stones,"

My comments:

Prophecy has nothing to do with the creative work of God. Creation of the earth and of the heaven is a fait accompli. Prophecy is in the now. Let us not bother the prophecies that have already taken place. Let us concern ourselves with the prophecies that are being fulfilled just before our eyes and the prophecies that are yet to take place. God existed in the beginning of everything including prophecy. The author of the Granth Sahib must have been influenced by the Bible that states that God’s one word created the world. Yes, thousands of rivers began to flow from the creative work of God that was in the beginning. A river flows from a mountain which came into existence when God created the earth. Yes, one may grow weary of searching out the Wisdom of God who created all these wonderful things which you see. We are not disputing the same.

Point No.15

Views of Janet Lant:

My parents like you tried to discourage me from embracing Sikh ways, they said Sikhism is primitive religion. I then proved to them exactly how misguided & ignorant they were. I did this by pointing out that Christianity began 2000 years ago, it was a primitive mans attempt to understand God. So it is Christianity that is primitive, Sikhism I taught my parents is a Religion of Divine Science.

My comments:

This shows your knowledge of the Bible. Christianity did not begin 2000 years ago. The Christ of the Bible was there when the whole universe was created. The Word was in the beginning ……all things were made by Him” Christ the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. Please read the Bible to know the truths.

Point No.16

Views of Janet Lant:

The First Supreme Being GURU NANAK, "The Light that Dispels the Darkness", wrote many Divine Poems describing Solar Systems." The Sikh religion states there is only one "SAT GURU" meaning True God. When I refer to Guru Nanak as a First Supreme Being, it means Pala Mehel or First Mehel, it does not mean GOD. God is The One Supreme Being, the Gurus were one step below as Supreme Beings under the One True Supreme Being. The word GURU comes from 2 words GU & RU, GU means Light, RU means Darkness. Combined they mean "The Light That Dispels The Darkness" or simply GURU. Clearly each of the 10 Gurus were and are Supreme Beings working for God the One True Supreme Being. Guru Nanak walked the Land like Jesus, only difference is Nanak walked much further distances, in fact Nanak at a minimum based on other nations historical records walked enough to circle the Earth 3 times over. But in the future I feel the distance record will increase even further, for example the nation of ITALY has villagers reporting their ancestors made company with Nanak, and the Provincial Governments of CHINA are reporting, that they had visits by Nanak, they have now proved that Nanking province And Nanaking City were named to Honor First Supreme Being Nanak.

My comments:

The definition of Sat Guru applies only to Christ Jesus. He is the Guru we preach. Guru Nanak took birth and then died about 500 years ago. He himself has not claimed to be the first supreme being. The Sikh Gurus laid down their lives for certain good causes but not for our salvation. The One true Guru who laid down His life for our salvation is None by Christ Jesus. There is no historical evidence to prove that Guru Nanak ji walked around the whole earth 3 times. No doubt, Guru Nanak ji visited many foreign nations. But there is no record to show that he measured the whole earth and its distance. If you show us some authentic historical record, we will debate here.

Point No.17

Views of Janet Lant:

If you read Genesis or the TORAH it has a section called "The Woman's Curse", which is a Man made Bible teaching that God punished Women because a mythical Eve gave Adam a forbidden fruit. I will give you an exact quote when time permits. This Bible chapter states that a woman had monthly menstrual cycles because God has cursed her. In Genesis it also says a Woman's Husband shall strike her in the Head. Read the Bible & the Old Testament or Torah and you will see how much hatred of woman there is in there. It talks of God wanting Woman to be submissive to Man.

My comments:

A man created by God has to love and lead his life partner, woman. Though God cursed the first woman Eve through His mouth, He made a way for saving her. The woman was not thrown into the hell. The woman was restored to mercy. The woman has monthly menstrual cycle because God created the woman with a sex. The woman does not have the monthly menstrual cycle just because God cursed her. God cursed her so that she may bear children with great pain or "travailing pain". The first woman, Eve, was a sexual being only. You have not read the Bible thoroughly and carefully. God cursed the serpent (i.e. devil) saying that the seed of the woman i.e. Jesus Christ would bruise the head of the serpent and the serpent in turn would bruise the heel of the seed of the woman i.e. the heel representing the Church. It is your misreading of the Bible and lack of knowledge of the Bible about the importance given to women that led to your believing a lie.

Point No.18

Views of Janet Lant:

I am an MD and no Bible Thumping Man tells me what to do. I told my fiancée that I am almost sure I am converting to Sikhism and if he is unwilling to do the same, then he can hit the road. He said whatever I want he wants too. I have been teaching him many of the Khalsa Books on Sikhism, and he is impressed at the GURU's teachings.

My comments:

You are free to teach the teachings of Sikhism to anyone in this world. Being an MD does not give you a revelation of the God of the Bible. You have to search Him with all your heart by humbling yourself before Him.

Point No.19

Views of Janet Lant:

JOB, I studied all the religions, and found all flawed, only Sikhism was able to withstand my fierce assault. I tried & tried to find fault in Sikhism, I found NONE! When I first saw a Sikh, I thought he was a Muslim, I latter I learned that most Muslims never wear a Turban, a Sikh wears a Turban, because it Give a Free Cranial Adjustment & tells Him & everyone else that he is beneath no one and only God is above Him! The Pro Woman aspect of Sikhism is only one of the many Divine Reasons I am planning on Upgrading to Sikhism. I find Sikhism is a very advanced Dharma for the Modern world. My current religion just has no place to meet my Modern Demands, its not like after I got my MD, some guy with a Old Testament is going to put me in the Kitchen, because some imaginary MALE GOD told him a Woman belongs in the Kitchen, HA HA! Of course I do allot of work in the Kitchen, but only when I want to cook something I Love & avoid the unhealthy restaurant food.

My comments:

Dear daughter, you have not understood the teaching of Jesus Christ and His apostles about the rights of women in this world. Though a woman has to submit herself to her husband, the Bible places a woman at par with her husband regarding life in this world and her salvation. In India, and abroad, there are many women who are serving Christ. Who told you that a woman has to confine herself to the kitchen alone? Even in India, women are at top posts in the public and private sector services. Do you about a Hindu Brahmin woman, namely, Pandit Ramabhai in India, who accepted Jesus Christ as her savior, and even today her teachings are a source of great inspiration for the women who are treated as second class citizens in certain religious circles. Please do not think that by converting to Sikhism, you will get a husband who will treat you with all the love and affection. You are completely mistaken here.

Point No.20

Views of Janet Lant:

The Tenth Supreme Being Guru Govind Singh, when traveling by the woods, got of his horse upon the sight of a Tombacoo Plant (Tobacco Plant). He then drew his Kirpan (holy Sword) and chopped it up, then with his feet he smeared it into the ground. Onlookers belonging to many different religions, asked the Tenths Supreme Being, why have you destroyed that plant? The Tenth Supreme Being replied " Alcohol will destroy one Generation, But Tombacoo will destroy many generations. Job, as you know it was only about 11 years ago that Scientist discovered that Second hand Tobacco Smoke kills, thus destroying (damaging or killing) the fetus and destroying the lives of children & great Grand Children & friends. So because the 10th Supreme Being was in constant communications with the One True Supreme Being (Ik Onkar, Sat Nam) he had access to absolute Science. Did the Men who wrote the Holy Bible not know about Tobacco, were the not in communication with the One True Creator? Sikhism is the only Faith that forbids Tobacco in its Scriptures. Read the English Translations by SANT SINGH KHALSA, also a MD! I only hope that God will let me earn the only True Degree there is the "Degree of Divine Sikhia". Chris it was my Medical Colleagues who during the 50's started routine Circumcision of Defenseless Babies. This was done to make extra income for medical professionals, Circumcision increases the transmission and acquiring of STD's. Plus many other problems, In my next posting I will give over 70 Scientific references proving my point. I will do this not to prove you wrong, but to prove another Sikh wrong. Job even Jesus tried to ban Circumcision, because the practice is Satanic, no Loving God would ask anyone to chop of a very valuable pleasure producing part.

My comments:

A Christian is not supposed to consume liquor and to smoke because the Bible tells that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You might have come across the Christianity of the west which is not Biblical. Those who smoke and drink alcohol are not the Christians at all. They are nominal Christians.

Point No.21

Views of Janet Lant:

Read the next post, then you will see the proof! Until the past 12 years I went to Church every Sunday, now hopefully I will get to go to Gurdwara any day of the week as convenient. Instead of hearing a fiery sermon, I will get to enjoy Divine Music & Hymns! And JOB, Only Ik Onkar or One Creators name is Precious, not a Nice Guy named Jesus. I get the impression you are a Religious Fanatic, something that the Sikh Dharm shuns. Because Fanaticism puts a wall between ones spiritual connection to One True Creator. Sikhs don't waste time spreading Sikhism like other religions do because, one does not give away Diamonds. I am lucky I came across this True Diamond, I only hope I have the IQ it takes to follow the Super Advanced Spiritual Teachings of the "Lights that Dispel the Darkness or Gurus".

My comments:

Do you know the meaning of the name “Jesus”? Jesus means one who forgives the sin of His people. I am not a religious fanatic at all. Please do not use the word “religion” while addressing me. I have my close friends from all religions. If Sikhs do not waste time spreading Sikhism, why many people post messages in this forum questioning the Christian faith and the Christian doctrines. We have been specifically asked by our Guru to preach His gospel to every creature in this world.

Point No.22

Views of Janet Lant:

Part 4 See, I am not the only one that knows a Turban gives a Cranial Adjustment. It is a law of Physics, not Indian culture. Sikhism is from the future, Indian is from the past, you can take the wayward path if you like. . I as a very Modern American, know I am becoming even more Modern by adopting the Guru's (the Lights that Dispel the Darkness) teachings and way of life. If Punjabi Sikhs misbehave they loose big time. I have looked at all Religions and Sikhism is the only Dharm that can exist in its current form on any Planet in Any Universe, maybe the Punjabi Sikhs don't deserve this best of all Universal Knowledge anymore. I wore a Kara to the last continuing medical education seminar, and some of my colleagues asked me about it. So I told them what it was and about Sikh Dharm, they showed great interest in learning more. Two of the ladies from the group asked where they could get a translation of the Sikh Holy book. Page 14 of the Khalsa Consensus Translation must be what peaked there interest! If God gave me more time, I know it would be so easy to get far more individuals interested in Sikhism!

My comments:

Read the Old Testament. Jews and the Old Testament saints like Joshua were tearing Turbans. I am of the opinion that you have not read the Bible, especially, the New Testament books which speak about every aspect of your present life, salvation, etc. First, read the Bible with an open mind and with a heart to search for the truth. You are free to convert to Sikhism and to propagate the tenets of Sikhism. But on the day of judgment, when you stand before God, you cannot plead that nobody taught you the truth concerning salvation, etc. The message that I write here would testify against you and you cannot plead ignorance.

One Shri Shaun Singh argued that "God is unborn, undying and sexless".  Job Anbalagan has given his views as follows:

Comments of Job Anbalagan:

Though He is sexless, God is always known by the masculine gender only. Can the Sikhs refer to God as “He” or “She”. "Sexless" means God is a Spirit and not in flesh possessing a physical body like us. I do not understand as to why you are always referring to the discoveries made by Guru Nanak about moons, planets, etc. I urge you to take a comprehensive course on the discoveries made by scientists and then compare each such discovery with the discoveries made by Guru Nanak. You mention about the “great” discoveries made by Guru Nanak but miss the great salvation of souls through the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ. Please do not debate on this subject any more. 

For the sake of argument, I agree that Guru Nanak is a great scientist. Let Janet question the truths contained in the Bible by quoting the verses from the Bible verbatim. Let her question what is revealed in the Bible. Let her not question what is not revealed. God reveals to us only what we need. God creates and man discovers. It is for the man to tell us about how he has been discovering all these things. It is not question of the world being a flat or an oval shape. Even if it is a flat one, it is by our vision. If you see the world through your eyes sitting in USA, you will not see a oval shape at all. You will see only a flat earth on which you are sitting. It is not the mere discovery of how the earth looks like. The Bible is concerned about our sins only. Even the whole world is in the grip of sins. We, the people in this earth, are more concerned about murders, rapes, adultery, etc. Guru Nanak who was born about 500 years ago was definitely influenced by what was discovered before or during his life period. It is a plain truth. No proof is required to prove this point. I was born in the year 1949. I was influenced by what happened prior to 1949 and during my life time. It is the law of the science. Guru Nanak was a human being like anyone of us. He learnt many things through his head. Please leave Guru Nanak and Science. Please confine yourself to Guru Nanak Ji and the issue of salvation from sins. You again repeat here that the Lord is formless. When you have a form, the Creator who created you has no form. It is illogical and ridiculous. It is against the principles of the law of science. If He has no form, according, He is likened to the air or to the fire. In the Exodus chapter, God revealed Himself to Moses through fire, torpedo, etc. If you have a form, that is revealed through your photo or image. Similarly, God has a Form which is revealed through His Word (Christ). 

If the Granth warns against the doctrine of dead man coming back to life, it has nothing to do with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ which is a historical truth. Jesus will claim His people not as a dead man but as Messiah during His second advent. You are creating a god according to your own imagination. A god without a form! But you claim he is omnipotent and omnipresent. You argue that I have not read the Bible properly. But as a former Christian, you have not known the basic doctrines of the Bible concerning Creation, Person of Godhead, salvation, etc. You always speak about scientific knowledge. Please note knowledge cannot guarantee salvation. You have to receive salvation from God by faith, and not by knowledge. Let the Sikh missionaries take their arms to spread the truth around this globe. But we spread the gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our weapons are not canal but spiritual, pulling down every false doctrine, every knowledge that exalts above the knowledge of God. I am not referring to a book written by men but to a book written by holy men inspired by the Holy Spirit. Dear Shaun Singh, do you have any other valid point to debate here. We have been hearing the same arguments presented by you. There is nothing new in your latest post.

The following comments were posted by Job Anbalagan in response to the comments of G.B. Singh:

I now respond to the comments of G B Singh as given below:

"In September 1983 issue of Biblical Errancy, C. Dennis McKinsey wrote this piece on Biblical "science." I reproduce here his commentary: COMMENTARY Biblical "Science"--The question of whether or not the Bible is scientifically valid has been debated for hundreds of years by critics and supporters alike. Biblicists have contended the book not only supports science but contains many statements that are ahead of their time. The Bible supposedly has great scientific wisdom and only now are we beginning to realize as much. Critics, such as myself, believe the Bible is its own worst enemy. From our perspective there are more than enough statements contained therein to forestall any claims to scientific precision. Indeed, many statements clearly belong in the realm of mythology and folklore, while others are simply false. Some are so vague it's difficult to know what is meant, so naturally, biblicists choose the more scientifically oriented interpretation. Those believing the Bible to be scientifically precise and wise beyond its years should read, digest, and remember the following assertions contained within its covers: (a) the bat is a bird (Lev. 11:19, Deut. 14:11, 18); (b) Some fowls are four-footed (Lev. 11:20-21); (c) Some creeping insects have four legs. (Lev. 11:22-23); (d) Hares chew the cud (Lev. 11:6); (e) Conies chew the cud (Lev. 11:5); (f) Camels don't divide the hoof (Lev. 11:4); (g) The earth was formed out of and by means of water (2 Peter 3:5 RSV); (h) The earth rest on pillars (1 Sam. 2:8); (i) The earth won't be moved (1Chron. 16:30); (j) A hare does not divide the hoof (Deut. 14:7); (k) The rainbow is not as old as rain and sunshine (Gen. 9:13); (l) A mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds and grows into the greatest of all shrubs (Matt. 13:31-32 RSV); (m) Turtles have voices (Song of Sol. 2:12); (n) The earth has ends or edges (Job 37:3); (o) The earth has four corners (Isa. 11:12, Rev. 7:1); (p) Some 4-legged animals fly (Lev. 11:21); (q) The world's language didn't evolve but appeared suddenly (Gen. 11:6-9; and (r) A fetus can understand speech (Luke 1:44). Some statements are so vague that apologists can often evade dilemmas by creative rationalizations. 

As Ingersoll said: "If the holy writer uses general terms, an ingenious theologian can harmonize a seemingly preposterous statement with the most obdurate fact. (Ingersoll's Works, Vol. 5, p. 37). For instance, Gen. 1:7-8 says: "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament;... And god called the firmament Heaven." Realizing the scientific implausibility inherent in this narration, some apologists attempt to portray the firmament as nothing more than the atmosphere separating the moist clouds above from the oceans below. Some biblical allegations are not only erroneous but have been fatal to their adherents. For instance, Mark 16:17-18 says: "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils;.... They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them." Not many believing Christians are willing to drink poisons or handle rattlesnakes to prove the Bible's accuracy, although some have tried. Many individuals have died because they put their trust in the Biblical injunction to pray ("And the prayer of faith shall save the sick," James 5:13-15) and, not wanting to make Asa's mistake (2 Chron. 16:12), shunned physicians. 

The unscientific aspect of biblical teachings is also shown in the fact that many mythological creatures are spoken of as if they were, in fact, real. The manner in which they are described and the context within which this occurs show biblical writers felt they actually existed. Some of the prominent examples are: cockatrices (Jer. 8:17, Isa. 11:8 59:5), unicorns (Deut. 33:17, Psalms 22:21. 29:6, Job 39:9-10), satyrs (Isa. 34:14, 13:21) fiery serpents (Num. 21:6), and flying serpents (Isa. 14:29, 30:6). Last, but not least, one should note the hundreds of miracles contained within the Bible. Perhaps more than anything else they prove the Book lacks scientific validity. Miracles, by definition, have supernatural causes, and science, by definition, doesn't work with the supernatural. In order to avoid an extended discussion as to the existence of miracles, I will simply say that nearly all reputable scientists deny their existence and feel all events have a natural, material cause. 

Believers in miracles can never produce a supernatural event when asked to do so. Challenges are invariably left unanswered. Any book claiming a woman turned into a pillar of salt (Gen. 19:26), the sun went backward 10 degrees on the sundial (2 Kings 20:11), and quails came from the sea (Num. 11:31) is going to have great difficulty demonstrating its scientific precision to any reasonably scientific mind. One can't help but recall the humorous instance in which an eight year old lad was asked by his mother what he had learned at Sunday school. "Well," he said, "our teacher told us about when God sent Moses behind enemy lines to rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians. When they came to the Red Sea, Moses called for engineers to build a pontoon bridge. After they had all crossed, they all looked back and saw the Egyptian tanks coming. Moses radioed headquarters on his walkie-talkie to send bombers to blow up the bridge and save the Israelites." "Bobby," exclaimed his mother, "is that really the way your teacher told you that story?" "Not exactly, Mom, but if I told it her way you'd never believe it." Virtually every child has heard about the parting of the Red Sea, the whale swallowing Jonah, the stick turning into a snake, and Jesus' walking on water. In fact, many people begin their critical analysis of the Bible by doubting the authenticity of these stories. Logic, reason, and skepticism accompany a scientific mentality; not one of faith and uncritical belief. 

In recent years the conflict between science and the Bible has become especially pronounced with respect to the struggle between evolution and Creationism. The battle has been, and is being, fought in many forms--e.g. the schools, libraries, and courts. BE will not enter the fray because the subject matter not only lies outside the Bible per se, but is highly technical and of little interest to many people. Few scientists and even fewer laymen really understand the intricacies of all the sciences that are involved in a really thorough discussion of evolution. Paleontology, geology, biology, astronomy, archeology, chemistry, and anthropology are some of the disciplines one must comprehend in order to proceed wisely. However, it is interesting to note how the struggle between science and the Bible has evolved. Originally, scientific findings were denounced as blasphemous lies. But as science has expanded and the evidence has mounted, many apologists have adopted a more realistic stance. They have increasingly rewritten the Bible by either changing literal statements to figurative meanings or alleging, "What the Bible really meant was..." For example, they assert the seven days of Creation weren't really days; they were eras or epochs. When the Bible describes miracles it doesn't mean to imply they exist. It is merely relating instances in which naive people were fooled by trickery and other mechanisms. 

With characteristic wisdom, Ingersoll took note of this slow evolutionary change: "The church disputed every step, denied every fact, resorted to every device that cunning could suggest or ingenuity execute, but the conflict could not be maintained. The Bible, so far as geology was concerned, was in danger of being driven from the earth. Beaten in the open field, the church began to equivocate, to evade, and to give new meanings to inspired words. Finally, falsehood having failed to harmonize the guesses of barbarians with the discoveries of genius, the leading churchmen suggested that the Bible was not written to teach astronomy, was not written to teach geology, and that it was not a scientific book,....(Ingersoll's Works, Vol. 11, p.220)." "In matters of fact, the Bible has ceased to be a regarded as a standard. Science has succeeded in breaking the chains of theology. A few years ago, Science endeavored to show that it was not inconsistent with the Bible. The tables have been turned, now, Religion is endeavoring to prove that the Bible is not inconsistent with science. The standard has been changed." (Ibid. Vol. 2, p. 242). "In other words, the standard has been changed; the ancient is measured by the modern, where the literal statement in the Bible does not agree with modern discoveries, they do not change the discoveries, but give new meanings to the old account. We are not now endeavoring to reconcile science with the Bible, but to reconcile the Bible with science. (Ibid. Vol. 8, p. 151). Only staunch fundamentalists continue trying to erase the handwriting on the wall. In the 5th chapter of Daniel, Belshazzar didn't try to erase the unpleasant handwriting on the wall. He listened and acted accordingly. One would think believers in the Bible would learn from his experience. In summary, the Bible is not inerrant with respect to science. Many statements reflect the era in which they were written and assertions to the contrary are weak at best".

Comments of Job Anbalagan:

I will prove that the Biblical truths are scientifically correct and accurate. According to the science, there is only an animal kingdom. An animal is “an organized being having life, sensation, and voluntary motion – typically distinguished from a plant, which is organized and has life, but apparently not sensation or voluntary motion. A bird is also an animal. 

(a) the bat is a bird (Lev. 11:19, Deut. 14:11, 18); The bat is a bird because it flies like a bird. According to the science, it is a flying mammal with wings attached to arms and hands. The Bible which is read by common people, and not mainly by zoologists would understand this concept by their sense of vision only. It is a bird only. God created it as a bird which has the body of a mammal. It is only the definition of science. Science studies the anatomy of the body of a living being created by God. 

(b) Some fowls are four-footed (Lev. 11:20-21); At the time of creation or during the period of writing the book of Leviticus, some fowls were four-footed which are not existing today. The science cannot prove what existed thousands of years ago. 

(c) Some creeping insects have four legs. (Lev. 11:22-23); The same argument holds good here also. 

(d) Hares chew the cud (Lev. 11:6); Hares that existed at that time chew the cud. This particular species had become extinct. This is the beauty of God’s creation. Dragons existed once upon a time and today the same became extinct. 

There are many species of a particular type of animal in the different parts of the whole world. Still the zoologists are searching for such types of creations and are studying the same. 

(e) Conies chew the cud (Lev. 11:5); Conies are of a species of rabbits. The same argument holds good. 

(f) Camels don't divide the hoof (Lev. 11:4); The same argument holds good. The camels that were created by God at that time did not divide the hoof because it was not required for the camels to divide the hoof at that time. The all-wise God created another species which was required to divide the hoof. 

(g) The earth was formed out of and by means of water (2 Peter 3:5 RSV); 2 Pet.3:5 says, “by the words of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water….” Truly, the earth is standing out of the water today. and in the water. It is not written that the earth was formed out of water and by, means of water. 

(h) The earth rest on pillars (1 Sam. 2:8); Yes, this is the great secret of God’s creation which the science could not discover. If the earth rotates, it must be on some unseen power. Logic demands that a rotating object is on an axis. The Bible says that the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s. It does not say that the earth rests on pillars. Have you seen the pillars of the earth to say that the same are not existing. I say after visually observing my mobile phone that it has a camera. But a person who has not seen my mobile says that my mobile does not have a camera. 

(i) The earth won't be moved (1Chron. 16:30); Yes, t he earth wont’ be moved by any power except that of God. “Fear before Him, all the earth; the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved…..” This does not mean that the earth is not rotating. 

(j) A hare does not divide the hoof (Deut. 14:7); I have already dealt with this point. 

(k) The rainbow is not as old as rain and sunshine (Gen. 9:13); Gen.9:134 says: “I do set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between Me and the earth”. I do not understand as to how you have understood this verse. 

(l) A mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds and grows into the greatest of all shrubs (Matt. 13:31-32 RSV); The mustard seed is known by all common people. Jesus cited this mustard seed to reveal a truth to us. It is the smallest of all seeds that are known to us. Science must have discovered still the smallest seed. At the time when Jesus made this statement, there were no scientists or botanists to discover the smallest seed other than the mustard seed. Did you see the mustard seed spoken by Jesus Christ? If not, please keep mum. 

(m) Turtles have voices (Song of Sol. 2:12); Yes, turtles have voices to communicate with their young ones. The same need not be loud. It might be a silent language also. 

(n) The earth has ends or edges (Job 37:3); Yes, the earth has its ends. If you go to see an ocean, you will come to the shore i.e. the end of the earth. Similarly, if you fly into the air in an airplane, you leave the earth and enter the air space. You are leaving the ends of the earth which consists of sand, rock, water, metals, etc. Please note that the Bible teaches us in a simple manner to be understood by a man of common prudence. 

(o) The earth has four corners (Isa. 11:12, Rev. 7:1); Yes, the earth has its four corners. They are four directions. They are the south, north, east and west. What do you mean by corners? (p) Some 4-legged animals fly (Lev. 11:21); Yes, some four legged animals flied during that period. How can you say in this 21st century that these four legged animals did not exist thousands of years ago.

(q) The world's language didn't evolve but appeared suddenly (Gen. 11:6-9; and The Bible says in these verses that there was one language upon the whole earth and that the Lord confounded their only one language that they might not understand one another’s speech. 

(r) A fetus can understand speech (Luke 1:44). Yes, the fetus has its life inside the mother’s womb. The pregnant women are not allowed to subject themselves to any shocking noise or sound. They are not allowed to be present at the time we burst crackers during the festival of Deepavali, etc. Why? The Bible says in this verse that when Mary the mother of Mary saluted the mother of John, the baby John leaped in her womb for joy. Gen. 1:7-8 says: "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament.." Yes, God created the heaven and the earth in this manner. How can the science disprove this truth? 

Today, man has created many wonderful things in this world. By our imagination, we believe that these things would not have been made by man. But the fact is that man has discovered all these wonderful things out of the God's creation. The Bible need not tell us how the heaven was made of. Let the apologists talk about the atmosphere. God need not tell us how His power created the earth and the heaven. It simply tells us in a manner that we understand His work of creation. Mark 16:17-18 says: "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils;.... They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them." Please note that these are the signs that follow them that believe on Jesus Christ. We are not supposed to tempt God by catching the serpents in our hands, and to drink poison, knowingly that it is poisonous. 

Cockatrices (Jer. 8:17, Isa. 11:8 59:5), unicorns (Deut. 33:17, Psalms 22:21. 29:6, Job 39:9-10), satyrs (Isa. 34:14, 13:21),fiery serpents (Num. 21:6), and flying serpents (Isa. 14:29, 30:6) etc. had existed during the relevant periods. Today the same have become extinct. The all wise God does not create these animals today. Why does not He create these animals today? You have to ask Him. Miracles are the works of God. Even the devil performs miracles which we are witnessing today. There are many newspaper reports/television news about the miracles being performed. Even the Sikh Website has declared certain miracles performed by Guru Nanak ji. We need not look at the Ingersoll's Works or at the theory of Darwin. We look at the reality that we face in today's world. Let us go by the reasoning or logic. Science is only a tool to discover what the Biblical God has created. It has its own limitations whereas the Biblical God is eternal.

Is God of the Bible a fiction or a monstrous villain?