Opening of Prophetic Schools

- Job Anbalagan

I want to share the vision given by God to me for inspiring the people of God all over the world to open schools of prophecy. The internet school opened by us is only a beginning in this direction. This school has to be established on the pattern of the Indian system of learning known as Gurukul by which the teacher teaches the students not only by the word of mouth but also by his personal life. Jesus lived with His disciples and taught. Similarly, those who are led by the Spirit to open this school have to live with their students for a particular period and to teach them. The teachers should teach them how to pray, how to witness in the street, how to behave in the churches, how to lead a happy married life, etc. Duration of the course and the place for running this school have to be fixed.

Through this school, the Holy Spirit will teach the right doctrines and expose and counter the false doctrines that are spreading like a wild fire.

You can christen this school in any manner. You may call it "bible college" or "prophetic school".

You can share this vision with your church pastor or those who would share our vision. You can prescribe any amount of fees for running this course and can give free coaching to those who cannot afford.

Such a school is the need of the hour in nations like USA, Canada, UK, etc.

In Delhi, India, we run this school with a small group of about 20 people of God who assemble in a house for Bible study.  All the participants are exhorted to participate in the Bible study and to share their views.

In this website, you can find the materials that we taught to many students through internet during 2005. You can also find their testimonies and the discussion forums through which we discussed some controversial doctrines.  

I encourage you to start a similar school either in your house or in some public place. For the time being, you need not run it as a residential school. As and when more students join this school, you can find a suitable place for running a residential school for a particular duration.

- Job Anbalagan