Our Mission

We perform a prophetic ministry to the universal Body of Christ, laying special emphasis on the message of the Cross that has been relegated to the background in the churches and edifying the people of God all over the world with prophetic warnings and exhortations. Our mission is to raise up disciples of Christ and to equip them for a body ministry, especially through the five types of New Testament ministries (i.e. apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching) without promoting individual ministries. 

The mission of our prophetic school is to equip every child of God as a minister of God.  With this mission in mind, we do not merely impart some Biblical knowledge to our students but also practically equip them for the ministry. One can get Biblical knowledge from any source in these days of electronic communication. But, equipping them for the ministry is the need of the hour. 

This school is meant for all-round development of your whole person i.e. spirit, mind and body. You have to be alert in your mind. How much time do you spend in your early morning prayer?   Are you able to pray in the morning?  Concentration of your mind for prayers is a must. Do you take time to meditate on the Word of God.  This is not an internet message board where you can post your messages and read other's replies but a school of training to be imparted to you by the Holy Spirit. You have to discipline your body and mind.  Paul said that he buffeted his body. Then you have to learn the truth of His word by discerning the false doctrines. The Holy Spirit will edify your spirit through the word of the truth. 

This internet school is only a small beginning.  The Lord has given us a vision to establish prophetic schools physically on the pattern of this internet school all over the world.