Lesson No.7 - Doctrines of Antichrist 

In this lesson, I am led by the Spirit to teach you on the ministry of the Antichrist and of the False Prophet and their doctrines. These days, we find many servants of God support some particular political state. Some ministers of God have taken upon themselves the ministry of physically saving the Jews from the hands of their enemies. Some ministers of God are filled with the spirit of hatred against some religious fundamentalist organizations. Instead of forgiving their enemies, they preach hatred against these religious groups. They are seeking the prayers of the members of the body of Christ in their mission of annihilating their enemies. They want the power of God not for the salvation of lost souls but for the elimination of these lost souls. I exhort my students to take time to go through every message in this regard.

During my ministry in Malaysia in 2005, I held a prophetic seminar for about 10 days. Rev.James Niles, the Pastor of the Tabernacle Church, Kuala Lumpur who invited me to the nation of Malaysia for ministry requested me to enlighten the Lord's sheep in his churches on the doctrines of the Antichrist.

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Exercise No.1:

1) Who are the Antichrist and the False Prophet? Explain this in your own words in about 5 lines?

2) Has "the little horn" as seen by Daniel in his vision cast down many ministers of God who were once shining as stars in the heaven? Can you examine the lives and ministries of two such servants of God without mentioning their names? What led to the downfall of these ministers in your opinion?

3) Do you find the "abomination of desolation" in your midst today? Can you cite some abominable sins that are committed by the people of God without repentance today?

4) Has the Antichrist been revealed till today? If yes, name him. If no, what is your answer?

5) When will the son of perdition revealed according to Paul's epistle to Thessalonians?

6) "But the people of God who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits (Dan.11: 32)". What is the key word in this verse which will enable you to be strong and to carry out great exploits?

7) We find in our midst some servants of God who have been deceived by the Devil and have since fallen into the hands of the Antichrist. These servants of God are antagonised against some political powers of this world. As a servant of God under the New Covenant, are you supposed to fight for the political kingdom of any ruler?

8) Does the book of Daniel remain as a mystery today? What is the key to the understanding of the Daniel's vision?

9) What does the beast represent? Is it confined to a particular nation?

10) Does the Emperor worship which was prevalent during the period of Roman Kingdom prevail today? If so, please write a few lines about a political kingdom that you see.

11) Any recent instance of the head of the beast being wounded to death may be mentioned.

12) When the Antichrist wages a war against the Body of Christ, how a member of the Body of Christ can defeat the former?

13) How the people in Christian nations and in non-Christian nations worship the beast?

14) How does the Antichrist bring down fire from the heaven? Have you noticed this thing in the recent past?

15) What does form the visible image of the invisible beast?

16) How does the Antichrist kill those who do not worship him? Can you cite any such instance which took place in your nation?

Exercise No.2

1) What is the relevancy of Antiochus Epiphanies to the ministry of the Antichrist today?

2) Whether the prophetic events concerning "the little horn" are taking place in the spiritual realm today?

3) How does the False Prophet makes an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lived?

4) If you are in the midst of Judea, how will you depart from it and flee to the mountains?

5) If you are on the house-top, what you are supposed to do?

6) Jesus said: "And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!" Who are the people to whom Jesus said this message? After examining your life, will you please say whether this message is appliable to you today?

7) Jesus said in Matt.24:20, "But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day.." What do the words "winter" and "Sabbath" mean here?

8) How the theory of "rapture" is falsified in this lesson?

9) What does "Babylon" mean to you? Whether it is fallen or not?

10) Do you find the seal of the image of jealousy and abominations on the wall today? If yes, please explain this in your own words.

11) Do you see every sort of creeping thing today? If yes, name some creeping things from the lesson.

12) Please write a few lines on "greater abominations".

13) Who are the six men and the man clothed with linen?

14) Can a prophetic intercessor can stand in the gap and plead to God for saving the rebellious children of Israel, who have hardened their hearts without repentance, from the hands of these five men?

15) What does Babylon the Great represent?

Exercise No.3

1) Which Christian Witness you belong to? As a Christian witness of the Book of Revelation, what will you do in your nation?

2) In the vision of a man sitting on the platform, how does the Antichrist kill the people of God? What is the meaning of “a huge concrete coliseum” in this vision?

3) What is the crux of the message that emanates from the Vineyard Dream regarding the ministry of the Antichrist?

4) In the vision of an instructor and statues, what is the message that emanates from the statues of three men? Can you identify such types of ministries in your nation? Without naming them, please narrate these types of ministries in about 10 lines.

5) Do you perceive the dying prophetic child through your prophetic eyes today? If yes, will you please explain the same in about 5 lines?

6) How the prophetic toddler is being attacked by the Antichrist?

7) Do you find the "Middle Eastern descent" in your midst today? If yes, please explain it in about 5 lines.

8) What is the message that is conveyed to us from the men in the white van in the vision of spiritual murder by the False Prophet?

9) What is the meaning of “a police man” in the vision of spiritual murder by the False Prophet?

10) When do the False Prophet and the false teachers disappear in the vision of spiritual murder by the False Prophet?

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