Lesson No.5 - False Gospel

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1). Please define "the gospel of Christ" in your own words on the basis of the Word of God.

2). How the false gospel is defined in this Lesson? 

3).  A poor saint visits your church.  Nobody notices him or her and tries to talk to him or her just to find out her/his welfare.  Your pastor is busy meeting the other congregation members.  What are you supposed to do?

4).  Is poverty is an accursed thing? Justify your answer with reasons.

5).   Is sickness always caused by the Devil? Justify your answer with reasons.

6).   Can you name two servants of God whom God used mightily when they themselves were not physically well? Will you please write a few words about their biographies?

7).    What is basically wrong with the prosperity gospel message, in view of the fact that some people of God really received material blessings after they had sown their seeds in the ministries of the preachers concerned?

8).    How will you counter this false gospel?

(i) I will name and expose these preachers publicly condemning them.

(ii) I will intercede for them with a real burden so that they may come to the knowledge of the truth.

(iii) I will write to these preachers personally through letters (Most of these popular ministers do not read their emails) after much prayers.

(iv) I will warn the elders in the churches about the consequences of believing in such a false gospel in a similar manner as Paul warned the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:29-32.

Please arrange the above in an order of priority as you feel and justify the points at the first two orders of priority as set by you.

9).  Please eloborate how the message of Paul to the Ephesian elders is relevant today.

10). Is tithing scriptural under the New Convenant?  To whom you are supposed to give? Justify your answer with reasons.



(The replies given by the students which we adjuge as the best will be published in our website and will be sent as email messages).