Home Staging - Doncaster and the Surrounding Area

You only get One Chance to Make a First Impression
You wouldn't go to a job interview in a 

tracksuit so when selling, ensure your 

property is dressed for success!

When a house goes up for sale, the owner only has one chance to make a first impression. In a stagnant housing market it is imperative that every effort is made to ensure that one's property stands out from the crowd and attracts the highest number of potential purchasers.

At Property Sellers Advisory Service, we  provide practical help and advice to homeowners who are either about to put their houses on the market or who have been struggling to sell their homes. We serve Doncaster and the surrounding areas in South, North, West and East Yorkshire along with nearby parts of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

In a tough economic climate, it has become increasingly difficult to get properties to sell at the right price or even at all. 

In what is clearly a buyers market, vendors have to be able to present their homes to the market in the best way possible. Mortgages are harder to come by and many lenders are expecting deposits of at least 10%.

Purchasers often have no spare cash to improve their new homes and are expecting to buy their houses that are "ready to move in".

In addition many people who are looking to sell their homes do not appreciate the complexity involved in finding the best estate agent to suit their needs.

At Property Sellers Advisory Service, we provide an honest appraisal of a property's sale-ability and advise on its kerb appeal and how to stage the interior to the best advantage. We are much more than just a house doctor service and don't charge silly prices. 

We also research the market and recommend the most suitable estate agents to provide a valuation and to explain to the vendor why a selection of estate agents whom vendors can choose from will be the best equiped to sell their home.

Some houses can be on the market for months or even years with little or no interest from potential purchasers. We will endeavour to ensure that our customers' properties do not fall into that category.

If a house needs some attention to make it more saleable, we'll recommend trusted local tradesmen to provide our customers with a quotation or if the budget is limited advise on D.I.Y tips and prioritise jobs in the home to be done to achieve the biggest impact!
We are the only company offering this type of service in the area and can be trusted to provide our clients with the highest level of dedication and customer service.

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