Beta Release Notes

Propeller GCC is in the beta phase of development.  As such, there may be bugs. Some issues are known and others unknown.  This document details the current release versions, future additions, features of SimpleIDE or Propeller GCC tool-chain that are known to need additional work, and short descriptions of bug fixes for a release.

Customer Feedback

Parallax greatly appreciates any feedback you, the customer, can send about bugs or other software issues that you may experience.  If you do have feedback you would like to give, please email it to gccbeta at parallax dotcom

Reported Issues

  1. The 32-bit double version of tan() in the math library is not available. Compile with 64-bit double instead.
  2. MacOSX 32 bit packages are not available for PropellerGCC. SimpleIDE will not run or compile on 32 bit hardware. Only x86_64 hardware is supported at this time.
  3. Windows SimpleIDE Propeller-GCC path is set by default for the user that installed it. For it to work with other users, c:\propgcc\bin should be set in the "System variables" Path variable.
  4. Installing Windows SimpleIDE "Select Compiler Folder" in a location other than C:\propgcc will cause compile to fail. User can use a different path, but the PATH variable must be set accordingly for that. Please only install to "C:\propgcc" as shown below if possible. 

Future Additions

  • Parallax will be adding libraries over the summer.
  • Parallax will be updating existing library documentation over the summer.
  • Documentation on some features is evolving.

Existing Packages for Installation

Release History

Release versions history contain information about known issues and bug fixes. The current release is always listed first.

Package Release Versions

  • SimpleIDE v0-8-5
  • Propeller-GCC v0-3-4 (propellergcc_v0_3_4)

Known Issues

  • SimpleIDE in Mint and Ubuntu enumerates many available serial ports, even if no Propeller board is attached to the serial port.  This is an issue with the way some platforms define available serial ports.  It may be addressed in a future software update of SimpleIDE.
  • Parallax cannot guarantee that all SD cards will operate properly with Propeller GCC or the loader (propeller-load).
  • GDB has been deferred for the Propeller 1.
  • Any demo included in previous SimpleIDE may not work properly in the current SimpleIDE version. Please only use demos from the corresponding package.
  • SimpleIDE has been translated to Simplified Chinese. Other translations need to be done.
  • Old Propeller-GCC demo package versions less than v0_3_4 are not compatible with the current tool-chain version.
  • Using the C++ standard namespace (C++ ::std namespace) and streams like cout <<, etc... will require an XMM solution similar to the C3. Simple C++ programs do not have the same restrictions.

Bug Fixes

  • None for first beta release.