Mac Downloads

The Propeller GCC Compiler and SimpleIDE for Mac OSX come packaged in a single, easy to install zip file.  Advanced users can download the standalone Propeller GCC Compiler suite (without SimpleIDE) and use a preferred development environment.  However, configuration instructions for other development environments are not provided.

USB3.0 Ports

It is necessary to set the Loader Delay value for SimpleIDE with MacBook Air and some other Mac systems.
Please do not try programming a Propeller without setting the Loader Delay to 1 as shown below.

Mac Package is 64 bit Only

We do not have a package for users with 32 bit computers.

Download and Install SimpleIDE + Propeller GCC Compiler

Download and install the latest SimpleIDE here.

First Run and Configuration
  1. The first time you run SimpleIDE, you will see a SimpleIDE Properties configuration window.  You may need to fill in the settings manually.  The settings in the image below are suitable default values.

  1. Please set the Loader Delay as shown below. If propeller loading is super slow with the application after starting the ide it will be safe to set the Loader Delay to 0. Start the program with 1 to be safe.
  2. If you installed SimpleIDE and the Propeller GCC Compiler with the default values, then click OK to accept these values.  Otherwise, update the path settings as appropriate and click OK.
  3. You can change other preference settings within this window by clicking the "General" or "Highlight" tabs, though this is not necessary.
  4. That's it, you're done!  You can always change these settings later by clicking the "wrench" icon on the top menu bar.

If you like, head over to the Examples page for step-by-step instructions on how to compile and execute a few included sample projects.
Steve Denson,
Jun 25, 2012, 3:11 PM