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Download the latest version of SimpleIDE here.

  • A multiple O/S capable Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for Propeller-GCC
  • For writing programs, managing project compile/link, and programming Propeller in one application
  • For integrating Propeller PASM, COG C source, and/or Propeller SMP threading into projects
  • For programmers that do not want to use the more flexible but steeper learning curve "make" system
  • For programmers who will not miss features like integrated source control or debugging
  • For users who do not want to install Java or .Net on their Linux, MAC, or Windows computer
SimpleIDE is not designed to meet expectations of large enterprise class professional programmer or management.  If you are part of that group, then Propeller-GCC can be used with IDEs like Eclipse, Netbeans, Geany, or Code Blocks if manually configured.