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Memory Model Board Matrix

The table below shows several Propeller boards and the memory model capabilities that each board supports.

All boards support COG, LMM, and CMM memory models.
 All Boards2KB/cog (16KB total)32KB32KB

Some boards also support external memory models:
 Propeller C3 ($129.99)             (2) 32KB SPI SRAMs
SD card socket
1 MB SPI Flash memory
 Propeller Board of Education ($129.99) SD card socket
 Propeller Activity Board ($49.99)
 SD card socket
 Propeller Proto Board ($29.99) 64KB EEPROM 
 P8X32A QuickStart ($25.00) 64KB EEPROM
 Propeller Demo Board ($59.99) N/A
 Hydra Game Development Kit (169.99) 128KB EEPROM

Additional notes:
  • Every Propeller chip offers 2 KB of memory per cog for programs that run exclusively in a cog.  For small to medium sized programs, every Propeller chip has 32 KB of shard memory for use in the LMM mode.
  • The tradeoffs with memory model choices are program size vs. execution speed.
    • Large programs may be run with LMM and especially XMM models, but they run slower.
    • COG RAM is fastest, but program size is limited. 
    • LMM provides medium program size and program execution speed, perhaps being a nice medium. 
  • The Propeller Board of Education is an ideal choice due to future C/C++ support on
  • Any board can use XMM with the addition of EEPROM (minimum single 64KB part), an SD card, Flash, or RAM.
  • Detailed explanation of memory models is available on Memory Models page.
  • Contact us to add your Propeller board to this matrix