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Feature Set

Propeller GCC Toolchain:
  • Compiler/Library ANSI-C C89 (strict mode compliant)
  • Compiler/Library ANSI-C C99 (compliant with some exceptions)
  • Relatively small standard C library (not newlib)
  • Flexible stdio device driver layer
  • All toolchain binutils available except GDB (limited GDB is available if you build from source)
  • Fully Open Source software solution
  • No Spin required for COG/LMM programs
  • Multi-O/S Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Multi-lingual with the "C.UTF8" locale
Propeller Specific:
  • Supports COG, LMM, CMM, and XMM type programs
  • Full SMP support with LMM pthread programs
  • Compiles C programs to run in a COG
  • Compiles COG C driver programs
  • GAS COG drivers having PASM like syntax
  • Loads PASM COG code compiled with BSTC
  • Propeller Hardware feature support
  • Support ECOG mode code saved in EEPROM
  • "Fast Cache" option to optimize small loops
Memory Models:
  • LMM in internal HUB RAM
  • CMM in internal HUB RAM
  • Cached External Memory XMM programs
  • Cache drivers written with PASM
  • XMMC code in external Flash, data in internal RAM
  • XMM-Single code and data in external RAM
  • XMM-Split code external Flash, data external RAM 
  • Linker scripts support custom memory models
  • Key functions can be tagged to run in HUB memory
  • Load GCC .elf or Spin binary programs
  • Reads .cfg files for board specific parameters 
  • Autodetect GCC .elf program type
  • Parameters can overload any config property
  • Configuration properties can be used to initialize user variables
  • Serial load SD card reduces mechanical wear
  • Specify board type for XMM programs
  • Built-in terminal for command line users
  • Supports DTR and RTS reset
Simple IDE:
  • Propeller Specific IDE
  • Fully integrated with the PropellerGCC toolchain