Propeller GCC

Introducing Propeller GCC

Welcome to an overview of Parallax's Propeller GCC compiler for the P8X32A Propeller chip.  The Propeller GCC Compiler tool-chain is an open-source, multi-OS, and multi-lingual compiler that targets the Parallax Propeller's unique multicore architecture.  Parallax has collaborated with industry experts to develop all aspects of the toolchain, including the creation of a new development environment that simplifies writing code, compilation, and downloading to a Propeller board.  The C and C++ compiler tools provide a significant benefit to Parallax customers who use our Propeller multicore processor.  Using the Large Memory Model (LMM) and Extended Memory Model (XMM) gives the developer the ability to write C or C++ programs that run faster than Spin or exceed Spin's 32 KB program size limit, respectively.  Additionally, Parallax will be publishing tutorials on to provide experience to new developers interested in learning how to develop embedded applications in C or C++.  All of this effort will immediately roll into developing compilation tools for Parallax Semiconductor's long awaited Propeller 2 when it is released.

How to Get Started

You can now program the Propeller in C or C++ with Propeller GCC. Propeller GCC is our open-source, multi-OS, multi-lingual compatible compiler. 
  1. You'll need a Propeller board. The choice of development board will make it easier to chose a memory model (COG, LMM, XMM). The memory model mode you chose will depend on the size of your program and what memory features exist on your development board (COG RAM - internal memory, SD card, SPI Flash RAM). See the Memory Model Board Matrix for help choosing a development board.
  2. Download and install SimpleIDE for your desired platform.  The installer includes Simple IDE, the Propeller GCC compiler, and the examples.
  3. Connect a Propeller board of your choice, run the examples, and have fun!

Feedback to Developers and Parallax

The point of a beta is to get valuable feedback from you, the customer.  If you have any bug reports or comments, please send them to gccbeta at parallax dotcom.

Propeller GCC is an open source project; it is released under the licensing rules defined in GNU General Public License v3.0.  Many of the demo programs and files that are also included are licensed under the MIT License.