Linda Truss

Gidday from the pristine Peel region of Western Australia. You've landed on my online writing portfolio.  Here I've posted sample content from sites I write for, blog articles about phones for seniors, technical reports,  current projects, student worksheets and puzzles, art/craft educational resources,  essays and  links to two sample chapters from traditionally published books

Every writer has their strengths. My forté is correcting grammar, spelling and typos in content and manuscripts. I also have a flair for technical writing (in conjunction with my very intelligent better half.)  

Like most writers,  I sometimes draw from my own experience.  Twenty years of homeschooling has inspired me to design curriculum resources for ESL teachers and other homeschoolers. During our owner building journey, I  penned articles on frugal living, self sufficiency and DIY skills. Some of our remote area experiences have found their way into my travel articles and my free efiction. Occasionally I blog or ghost write about contemporary issues on other people's blogs.

As well as writing, I enjoy gardening, canoeing and snapping photos of my local Peel region and the Wild West.  Sometimes I don't even have to leave my backyard to get photos of our wild locals.

We also foster rescue animals on our hobby farm. Sooty the Survivor was just a week old when the Yarloop bushfires destroyed his home and he came to live with us. He spent a year with us before going back to live with his original owner.