do you want to

reduce the technical risk

in your projects ?

 . . . we can help

We have 14 years experience of successfully doing just that in the upstream oil and gas projects.

Proneta is an independent consulting engineering company.

Our expertise spans both aerospace and oil & gas - a powerful combination.

We are leading providers of reliability risk analysis expertise.

Our Speciality - Reliability / Risk Analysis

Reliability is widely and publicly recognised as a key issue and a top priority by the oil industry.

We undertake reliability / risk analysis using a number of different methods, such as -

Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) - which can be the basis of a Quantitative Risk Assessment

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)  -  incorporating Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) or Event Tree Analysis

We advise on formulating and focusing test programmes, based on the results of reliability analysis.

We develop requirement specifications to ensure thorough coverage of important reliability aspects.

Why Use Proneta ?

This is what our customers have told us [click here for their actual words] -

Rigorous and systematic approach - it stands up to scrutiny, and makes sense at every step

Experience - to get the job done in a straightforward and efficient way

Getting the job done - we plan the work and are not easily distracted

Fresh eyes - not influenced by previous history or politics within the company

Efficiency - we don't distract your engineers from their main jobs any more than necessary

Prompt response - we are a small organisation, responding quickly and flexibly

Tangible results - many improvements are seen from the work

Quality - which is why our customers return to us again and again