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PROMT Language Translation Technology

PROMT, the world’s leading provider of natural language processing technologies, delivers PROMT 10 Translation Software Download, a new generation in translation software technology. PROMT 10 Translation Software has trial download versions of the software now available. PROMT 10 Translators dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of translation processes. PROMT 10 leverages over 25 years of academic research in the field of natural language processing to deliver the most advanced translation solutions. PROMT 10 translation technology approaches human translation more closely than ever before.

Revolutionary new multi-dimensional dictionary architecture — the core of PROMT's translation technology - uses new dictionary architecture to provide substantial benefits for users. Due to this new architecture, PROMT dictionaries are capable of storing an unlimited number of translation variants, along with grammatical information similar to traditional electronic dictionaries. As a result, topic adjustment in PROMT can be conducted by simply checking in a dictionary for the active translation (or translations) of the given text. This new multi-dimensional dictionary architecture is quite unique and is implemented for the first time in the world in PROMT translation software, resulting in higher translation accuracy than any other machine translation system.

PROMT translation solutions are based on PROMT translation technology and can be implemented on the following platforms:

  • Internet,
  • Corporate intranet,
  • PCs
  • Handheld devices
  • Smartphones
PROMT Automated Translation Solutions