Custom Logo Printed Promotional USB Drives

DiskBank can deliver Australia’s best prices on bulk USBs. We offer a large range of promotional USBs and can deliver on time with fast turnaround times and top quality service every time. Great for promotional products or company merchandise, personalised USB drives will be used for years to come.

As a 100% Australian owned company we offer a local service to fulfil your orders quickly and efficiently with Australia’s most competitive pricing. DiskBank has been established for over 15 years and have offices on both Perth and Sydney.

The use of USBs as promotional items at expos, trade shows and conventions has become very popular in recent years. See a list of our products here. They are great for handing out at these events for marketing purposes as a branded USB will be used for many years and will be in front of your potential client’s eyes for many months to come.

Diskbank - Promotional USB Drives

Custom Logo Printing

DiskBank offer a range of customised logo on USB designs. No matter how many colours your logo includes we can put it on a USB for you.

USB Options

In our range of USBs we probably already have an option to suit your needs. Choose from metal, plastic or wood designs, we even have custom shaped USB drives that are the shape of pens, business cards, lanyards, wrist bands, keychains and many more.

Benefits of USB Drives

•    Compact Size: USB drives are small and can be transported easily, fitting in any purse or pocket.
•    Reusable: USB drives can be used over and over thousand times, making their use last many years.
•    Customisable: The external case can be customised to suit your needs, any colour or shape to make it unique.
•    Easy to use: Just ‘plug and play’ and drag and drop your files onto the removable drive.
•    Compatibility: USB Drives are compatible with most computers with a USB port (MACs and PCs)
•    Durability: USB Drives are very durable unlike scratch prone surfaces like CDs.
•    Security: Since USBs are very durable they make a good option for storing documents securely.
•    Affordable: When used as a promotional item it is a much cheaper option than other advertising mediums like print media, TV, radio or newspaper.

Custom Shaped USB Drives

Since the external case can be shaped from wood, plastic or rubber we can mould a cover for your personalised USB to any shape imaginable. You’ll be amazed at how cost effective a design can be created just for you. Our designer will work with you to bring your ideas to a unique design that mirrors your branding.
•    Quick turnaround time
•    Data preloading and autorun functions
•    CE & FCC certified products with a 10 year warranty on all products
•    Capacities including 128mb, 256mb, 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb and 32gb

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