Promote World Peace Through Practicing Peace

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How To Promote World Peace

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The purpose of this site is to incorporate a variety of peace-promoting items for all to enjoy, and for all to share thoughts or ideas on. You'll find links to articles, music, poetry, graphics, and more...all about peace and peace-making.


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There are a lot of things that individuals can do to Promote Peace; though some of them might not be very easy to do, especially on a regular basis.  Essentially, attitudes need to change; social influences need to change; social policies need to change; and on it goes. 

Peace IS attainable, if it is possible to convince enough individuals that it is important enough to commit to adopting new, more positive, more peace-promoting attitudes and behavior
themselves; and not just "preach to others"; we all must acknowledge and commit to the changes we might need to make within ourselves to make it happen.

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