Evolution, ecology and behavior of microbial communities


Our lab is part of the Rowland Institute at Harvard. Our mission is to develop a quantitative understanding of microbial communities, and to learn how to control their behavior and evolve useful phenotypes. For this purpose we are developing strategies to track population dynamics in these communities with high precision and to culture these communities in high throughput. We are also very interested in understanding how changes in cellular behavior affect microbial ecosystems, and on the possibility of three-way interactions between phenotypic, evolutionary and ecological dynamics. For this purpose, we are investigating how complex social strategies are coded in the microbial regulatory DNA.


  • Genetic determinants and cellular constraints in noisy gene expression, with Ido Golding just came out in Science 

  • Dynamics of a producer-parasite ecosystem on the brink of collapse, with A. Chen, L. Dai and J. Gore is in press at  Nature Communications

  • Deciphering transcriptional dynamics in vivo by counting nascent RNAs, with S. Choubey and J. Kondev  is on the arXiv