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Site to Bitcoin with games, Dice, offers and faucet.
It would seem that the team which manages it is the same as moonbitcoin, moondogecoin and moonlitecoin, of the quite good if it is confirmed! 
You can claim at any time, however the minimum time is of 3 minutes

Here is an updated charter (it varies according to the value of Bitcoin) 
24 satoshi after 3 minutes 
36 satoshi after 5 mnutes 
67 satoshi after 10 minutes 
92 satoshi after 15 minutes 
Your payments are directly sent to coinpot or microwallet.

Get 50% lifetime commission on all referrals! 

This website is available in English.

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Easily make free Bitcoins while your phone is not doing anything!
Tired of visiting countless faucets? Afraid of the electricity bill if you were to mine?
Stormplay (Bitcoin Maker) allows you to make Bitcoins, not by mining, but by displaying ads! Therefore, this app does not consume a lot of resources nor electricity.
Launch BitMaker at least once in 5 mins period, close the ad that shows, then collect your Bitcoins!
And while waiting for your Bitcoins, you can do whatever you want, e.g. play games, study, work, watch sports, anything!!


Freebitco.in is a Bitcoin faucet.
The amount of bitcoins that you can win with FREE BTC depends on the current bitcoin price and the biggest prize is fixed at USD 200 and the other prizes in proportion to it. So, when the price of a bitcoin goes down, the reward amount calculated in bitcoins goes up and the other way round is also true. So, regardless of the current bitcoin price, you have a fair chance of winning US$200 in bitcoins on each roll.

One of the best Bitcoin Faucets.

You can also multiply your bitcoin ×4,750 in bitcoin miltiply HI-LO game but have a big risk. (Deposit between 0.00053728 and 1 BTC to your FreeBitco.in account and after the transaction has been confirmed, reload the MULTIPLY BTC page to claim a 100% bonus from them for playing MULTIPLY BTC!)

It has 3 mode of payment instantly @ (automatically) Every Sunday at 10pm GMT 4:30 into your wallet provide if you have 0.0003BTC ,(manually) within 6hour with a min widrath of 0.00032715 BTC (0.00002715 BTC fee commission), (instant) within 15 minutes of retard with a min withdraw of 0.00165735 BTC (0.00135735 BTC fee commission) 

simple registration indicate your Bitcoin address to receive your payments.
Freebitco.in now offers reward points which you can trade in for prizes or bitcoin.

All you need to do is mantain a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your FreeBitco.in account and we shall pay you compounded interest on your full balance everyday. There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish. Treat your FreeBitco.in account like an instant-access savings account to hold your excess bitcoins and earn passive interest on your account balance everyday.

They also pay you 25% referral commissions on any interest earned by your referrals!

We can also do share earning for the referrals a small gifts to thank your referrents

They also pay you annual interest rate of 4.08% of your account balance if you have 30K+ Satoshis.

Share your referral link with your friends and ask them to visit it and create an account. On doing so, they will be automatically added as your referral and you will get 50% of their free btc winnings as commission! Nothing will be deducted from their account, we pay the 50% out of our pocket. You will also receive 1 free ticket to our weekly lottery every time your friend plays a free roll! If you do not know how to get your referral link, please see the question above