Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic sheep are used for milk, meat and fiber, are good browsers and extremely hardy, while still being a manageable size for a small hobby farm. A primitive breed, they are solely grass-fed, making them simple and economical raise on pasture. 

Not only are our sheep integral to the sustainability of our farm, they bring us such joy! There is something so peaceful and serene about flocks contentedly grazing the green hills, and there are few things as delightful as frolicking lambs.

If you have done your homework on raising sheep, you may be intimidated by the whole prospect after having read about susceptibility to ailments, difficult lambing, etc. Icelandics are not like that! They are prized for their resistance to weather, disease and problems that are so "typical" of traditional flocks. They are the only breed of sheep in Iceland, and were introduced to the United States in 1992.

If you are considering sheep, we invite you to visit, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or direct you to appropriate resources. If you have made your decision, and are looking for lambs, or quality, registered breeding stock, we have all colors and patterns, (even spots!) horned and polled, as well as several AI lines, including BISKUP leadersheep, ARI, SKJANNI, HORVI, DROPI, and HUNN.
We are members of the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America, the Canadian Livestock Registry, flock code: PLF 5329008, and participate in the Federal Voluntary Scrapies Program, flock code: IDX 685.
We can help you choose a foundation flock,
and offer you mentorship that will give you a great start!

Sheep slideshow

The Sheep’s Prayer
Lord, I hope my stomachs
Are bigger than my eyes
As how I love each blade of green
That grows beneath thy skies.
As I am just a wooly sheep,
Please help me count myself
to sleep.
Links for Learning
A wonderful article on the attributes of the Icelandic breed, as well as a list of breeders.
The only recognized registry for Icelandic sheep in North America.
Why buy registered sheep? This breed has only been in the US for sixteen years...keeping accurate breeding records/pedigrees protects bloodlines and identifies strong and weak genetics to ensure that the breed remains true to its origin, and that there is an adequate infusion of new genetics to maintain the population.
Find out about the Federal Scrapies program, and what it means to the sheep industry.
Play SHEEP TYCOON and other sheep games...
An online time management game where you need to help farmer Ollie make as much milk, cheese and butter as possible within a two and a half minute time frame. The game player also needs to keep the sheep alive by moving them off bare patches of ground and onto grass.