Welcome to the special website of the P.C.D., Prominence Commuting Device.

The P.C.D. is a proposed ultra-compact, attractive and sustainable mobility that is a single-seater battery-powered electric vehicle. Its design has innovative features, such as recumbent trike base chassis, glider like front hinge canopy and the body made ​​of GFRP that pursues aerodynamic performance. Its vehicle weight is only 127kg.

Because the P.C.D. has a license plate as moped car, it can ride on the street in Japan.
The maximum speed of the P.C.D. is 75km/h, and the driving range is up to 90km. 

Power consumption of the P.C.D. is less than 1 / 10 of that of an electric vehicles on the market. As a result, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions is less than a passenger railway vehicle in Japan, taking into account the greenhouse gas emissions from power generation process.

Of course, zero local emissions.

The P.C.D. is made of off-the-shelf parts available on the general market.
Its traction motor is hub motor for e-bike, and its body and chassis are in common with a human powered vehicle. So you can make the same vehicle yourself!

The P.C.D research project started in April 2009, under the 8th environmental NPO grant of Hitachi Environment Foundation.
In addition, this research project has received supports from National Instruments Japan Corporation and The Furukawa Battery Co. Ltd..

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