Since 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  Industrial import-export
 Nonferrous and stainless steel metal product
eIndustrial equipment

PROMETIMPEX Private Company is a wide-range Importing and Exporting Trade Company the main activity trend of which is delivery of industrial equipment, nonferrous and stainless steel products and materials, componentry, raw materials etc. to Ukrainian Enterprises. Our customers are represented by Metallurgical Plants, Machine Works, Mineral Resource Complex Enterprises as well as Manufacturers of Household Appliances and non large private firm too. The List of our Customers is enlarging continuously.

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e can offer export delivery any products of Ukrainian's manufacturers could be interesting for foreign Customer as the agent too.

The working experience, informational background available, established relationship with Ukrainian Manufacturers and availability of skilled staff at our Enterprise enable us to carry out the deliveries of any complexity and the exclusive ones

at that. 

Though the PROMETIMPEX was set up in 2006, its employees have experience of working in foreign-economic activity since 1994 year as to deliveries of different types manufactured goods to Ukraine.

Our Company is interested in expansion of its activity both at the expense of growing number of its Ukrainian Customers along with increase of its purchase amount and at the expense of growing number of its foreign Partners, Suppliers and delivery's geography for export.prometimpex/prometimpex

Being well-acquainted with Ukrainian market and its Enterprises we are ready to be representatives of foreign Suppliers in our country while supporting the sales of their produce at our market. p

We hope for fruitful cooperation!