As of October 31, 2017 Promesa Peru has ceased its activities. We will keep this webpage open for the time being as a historical record of Promesa Peru's activities. We thank everyone who has donated to our projects or has supported us in other ways.

Hi!...Welcome to our page!

Promesa Peru is a legally registered non-profit organization serving in the country of Peru. In the United States we’re registered as ‘Promesa Peru Inc.’ and in Peru as ‘Promesa Peru Chiclayo’. We function in the Lambayeque Region which is comprised of three districts– Chiclayo, Ferrenafe and Lambayeque. The region is mostly coastal desert and barren mountains located in northern Peru.


                                                                               The Lambayeque Region (click to enlarge)

There are three major cities in the Lambayeque Region – Chiclayo, Ferrenafe and Lambayeque. These cities have sizable populations, a variety of retail outlets and are self-contained. Located outside of the major cities are a number of midsize communities, examples of which are Monsefù and Zaña. These are agricultural towns with sugar cane as their economic base and are also mostly self-contained. Next are the villages where typically only the main street is paved and only basic staples are available. Beyond the villages are caserios. These are little more than a collection of dwellings. They may or may not have water and/or electricity. There may be a small church and possibly a school. The population exists on subsistence farming. They are isolated and difficult to reach. Caserios are where we focus our efforts.



                                                                                        A family in the caserio of Boro 

Our purpose is to sponsor modest projects and activities, for example providing a day of free medical attention and medicines to a small desert village, or distributing notebooks and pencils so kids can stay in school. We also contribute to activities such as Christmas parties for kids in remote communities. The ‘Past activities’ and ‘News and updates’ pages have additional information about specific activities we sponsor.

                                                                            Kokoroko the clown entertaining kids at Collique Alto 

We know we can’t have a significant impact on poverty in Peru. What we can do is make today and hopefully tomorrow a little better and happier in some small way for a small segment of the population. That’s good enough for us.


Our criteria for sponsoring projects or activities are basic and simple:


           1 – Does the community or school need help?

           2 – Do we have a reasonable chance to raise the money to provide the help?

           3 – Is it a worthwhile cause?

If the answers are ‘yes’ and all board members agree, we try our best to do it.


That pretty much spells out in general terms why we exist and what we do. If you’d like to know who we are, click on board members. Of course you don’t have to do that, but we think it would be a good choice. J