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Sangchul Ahn, Ph.D.

Researcher at Korea Institute of Science and Technology

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Address : Seoul, Korea
Phone : +82-2-958-5744

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Sangchul Ahn is a Ph.D candidate in HCI & Robotics at theĀ University of Science and Technology (UST). He is also a research scientist of Imaging Media Research Center at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). He has been advised by Prof. Heedong Ko, with whom he worked on exciting research projects. He received M.S. in Computer Science at Yonsei University as KIST-Academia collaborative education program under the joint direction of Prof Yoon-Chul Choy and Dr. Heedong Ko. His research interests include human-computer interaction, augmented reality and virtual environments, mobile and wearable computing, ubiquitous computing, and information visualization.


  1. Insight: A Mobile Web Browser for HTML5-based Augmented Reality Applications
  2. TourCloud: Intelligent Travel Content Cloud System (June 2011 - Current)
  3. Mobile Augmented Reality Tour (April 2010 - May 2013)

Selected Publications

  • A comparative study of 3D web integration models for the sensor web.
    Sangchul Ahn, Byounghyun Yoo, and Heedong Ko.
    In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on 3D Web Technology.
    DOI: 10.1145/2466533.2466562
  • Webizing Mobile AR Content.
    Sangchul Ahn, Heedong Ko, and Steven Feiner
    Virtual Reality (VR), 2013 IEEE, vol., no., pp.131,132, 18-20 March 2013
    DOI: 10.1109/VR.2013.6549397
  • VARU Framework: Enabling Rapid Prototyping of VR, AR and Ubiquitous Applications
    Sylvia Irawati, Sangchul Ahn, Jinwook Kim, and Heedong Ko
    Virtual Reality Conference, 2008. VR '08. IEEE , vol., no., pp.201,208, 8-12 March 2008
    DOI: 10.1109/VR.2008.4480774
  • Follow Me Follow You: Location based Ubiquitous Communication Service Framework
    Seungpyo Hong, Daeil Seo, Gyuwon Song, Sangchul Ahn, Donghoon Kang, Jinwook Kim, and Heedong Ko
    NEXT 2007
  • Context-Awareness and Autonomic Computing in Ubiquitous System Environments
    Donghoon Kang, Sangchul Ahn, Heedong Ko, Yong-Moo Kwon, Hyoung-Gon Kim, and Weduke Cho
    Communications of the Korea Information Science Society Magazine, Vol.23, no.9, 2005.
  • Ubiquitous Smart Interaction Space
    Sangchul Ahn, Donghoon Kang, Hyoung-gon Kim, and Heedong Ko
    ubiPCMM05 2005
  • Modeling of Context-based Interaction Pattern
    Sangchul Ahn, Donghoon Kang, and Heedong Ko
    ubiPCMM05 2005