This is the input window for the Special Days program.  You can use it to specify which records to be extracted into the text file.  The different options are described below.  Once a file is created, you will be returned to the input windo to create another extract if you want.  The program will tell you how many records are in the extract.

What to extract

You can specify if you want birthdays or anniversaries or both extracted from the Legacy file.

Who to extract

You can select to have the Birthdays and/or Anniversaries extracted for every one in your Legacy file or you can limit it to a subset of the file by tagging in Legacy those individuals/marriages that you want to extract. 

You can also limit the extract to living individuals.  If this option is selected, both parties in the marriage must be alive.

Note:  If you use Legacy tags, the tags for Birthdays are the ones on an individual.  Tags for anniversaries are the ones on the marriage.

Date Format

Select the date format that you want to use.  The file is sorted so if you select the mm/dd/yyyy format, it will be sorted by months if you select the date sorted order.  The other date format will list the records in chronological order.

Sort order for output

You can specify the value that is used for sorting the output.  See Date Format above to see the date options.  Whichever option you select for formatting will be the data that is placed first in the extract records.

Legacy File

You specify which Legacy file that you want to use for the report. You can browse for the Legacy File. The existence of this file will be verified and if not found, you will be required to specify an existing file before continuing.

Output File

You specify the file that you want the data written to.  It will over write  data in the file.  You can ask to be warned if this will occur by checking the 'Warn if file exists' box just below the input field for the file name.


The following buttons are on the input window:
  • Quit - Exit Special Days (inputs not saved)
  • Extract - Extract the requested dates (inputs saved)