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Input Window

This is the window that is displayed when you first start the program.  This will allow you to specify the options to be used to create the reports. When you select the 'Analyze' button, the inputs will be validated. When the inputs pass all of the validations, they will be saved and used the next time the input window is displayed.

Check for source information for the following items

This section allows you to specify for which items the sources will be analyzed.  You have the ability to select the following:

  • Name
  • Birth date and place
  • Christening date and place
  • Death date and place
  • Burial date and place
  • Relationship to father
  • Relationship to mother
  • Marriage date and place

The following are options that can be selected:
  • For death/burial, assume alive if no death date and age less than - This will allow the program to mark complete individuals who are alive when you asked for the Death date and place to be analyzed.  For all items, the program will not consider a person complete if there is missing data, source or source items.  By specifying an age, the age will be added to the individuals birth date if a death date does not eixst.  If that calculated date is greater than today, the person is assumed alive and missing death data is not a problem.  The status 'Alive' will be placed in the report for individuals that this is applicable to.  If you do not want the program to assume that someone is alive, set the age to 1.
  • For Father/Mother relationship, if no parents do not count as missing data - There will be a point where finding additional ancestors is no longer possible.  If you are analyzing the father/mother relationship, any person found with no parents will have 'No parents' placed in the report and this person would be considered incomplete.  If you check this box, the program will not consider a person incomplete if no parents are found.

Required Data

You can specify what data is required for a source.  You may have multiple sources for a single item.  The requested source items must all exist in a single source to satisfy a completed source.  The data sources that you can check for are:

  • Text: The program will check for text in the 'Enter the actual Source Text (optional)' on the 'Test/Comment' tab for a source.  Anything can be entered to satisfy the program.
  • Multimedia: The program will check for any attachments on the 'Multimedia' tab for a source.  Anything can be attached to satisfy the program.
  • Comment: The program will check for text in the 'Enter any comments about this Citation (optional)' on the 'Test/Comment' tab for a source.  Anything can be entered to satisfy the program.
At least one item must be selected.  I use the Text for entering the transcription of the source, the Multimedia for attaching a picture of the source and Comment for specifying when the source came from.  The last item in many cases is a cut and paste of the web address where the source was found.

Who to analyze

You can specify which individuals in your Legacy File are analyzed.  By selecting the 'All individuals' button, all individuals in the Legacy File will be analyzed.  In Legacy, you can tag individuals and marriages.  By selecting the 'Individuals with tag' button you can specify that the Legacy Source program will analyze those individuals with the specified tag number.  This could allow you to limit the analysis to a single geographic region such as a state or two.  You could also tag all of the ancestors of an individual and have the Legacy Source program analyze them.

Note:  Marriages are tagged separately from individuals.  This program does not use the marriage tags.  If either individual in a marriage is tagged, that marriage will be included in the report.  This requires the program to process all of the marriages in the Legacy database if the Marriage date and place source is selected.

Legacy File

On the input window, you specify which Legacy file that you want to use for the report.  You can browse for the Legacy File.  The existence of this file will be verified and if not found, you will be required to specify an existing file before continuing.


The following buttons are on the input window:
  • About - Information about Legacy Sources
  • Help - Display the Help window
  • Quit - Exit Legacy Sources (inputs not saved)
  • Analyze - Analyze the individuals/marriages data and source (inputs saved)