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Doesn't Legacy Search give you the same information?
Can I limit the individuals analyzed?
Which tags are used?
Why doesn't the status show all the items?

Doesn't Legacy Search give you the same information?  (return to top)

Some.... This program produces a consolidated report and for the internal items of a source.  With Legacy you can create a list (or step thru a list) of individuals with missing sources.  If you asked for multiple items to be checked, legacy will only return the individual.  It does not tell you which source is missing.   The reports produced allow you to see the status of the information for an individual in one place.  It will also show if data is missing and report the quality of the source.

Legacy Source also will also verify that selected items are specified in a source.  In my research, one of the branches of my family is from Finland.  There is an excellent web site that has images of many of the church records from the late 1600s/early 1700s to the late 1800s online.   When I find a page containing an ancestor (or ancestor relative), I download the image to my computer.  In the source record I place a transciption of the relatives record into the 'Enter the actual Source Text (optional)' on the 'Test/Comment' tab.  The image is attached to the 'Multimedia' tab.  The web address that points at the actual page is cut and pasted into the 'Enter any comments about this Citation (optional)' on the 'Test/Comment' tab.  On the master source for this detail source, I have a web address to the home page of the website which lead to all of the parishes in Finland.   There can be many books for each Parish so having the direct address to the actual image in the Source detail helps.  The Legacy Source program can check to make sure I haven't goofed in attaching in forgetting to attach an image or fill in a field.

Can I limit the individuals analyzed?  (return to top)

Yes, the program can analyze tagged individuals if you want. In Legacy, you could tag all the ancestors for a specific individual and then have the program only report on them. Tags 1 to 9 can be used.

Which tags are used?  (return to top)

Legacy has tags on the individual and marriages.  The Legacy Sources program only uses the individuals tags.  I find it difficult to use the marriage tags.  There is no way to set them for a line of you ancestors.  Thus the program will use the individual's tag when analyzing marriages.  It will look at all of the marriages and if either the husband or wife have their individual tag turned on, the marriage will be included in the report.  This will cause the program to read all of the marriages in the Legacy database if the 'Marriage date and place' option is selected.

Why doesn't the status show all the items?  (return to top)

This will only occur if you have multiple sources for a piece of data.  The program will read all of the source and if it finds one that has all of the requested items, the report will show that all are specified.  If none of the multiple sources have all of the items, the status will show what is specifed for the last source.  There may be other sources with more specified but I felt that showing that the souces was not complete was sufficent.