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CSV Files

If you want to export the data in the reports to a spreadsheet, you can create Comma Separated Value (CSV) files.  Four files will be created.  One for each report tab.  The filenames will have IndvSrc.csv, IndvCmplt.csv, MarrSrc.csv, and MarrCmplt added to what is specified for the CSV File Root (see 6.1  CSV File Root).  The data is written in the same order that it is displayed in the window reports so if you have an order that you want the rows in, sort them first by clicking on the column header.

Note: The status cells may contain commas.  If they do, they will be changed to a slash ('/').

CSV File Root

The folder and file root name that will be used for the four files that will be created (see 6.0  CSV Files)


The buttons on the CSV window are:
  • Help - Display the Help window
  • Cancel - Cancel the creation of the CSV files
  • Create - Create the CSV Files