Input Window

This is the window where the user can specify the input file name and the checks to be run against the file.

File to Review

On the input window, you specify which file that you want to use for the analysis.  You can browse for the File.  The existence of this fill will be verified and if not found, you will be required to specify an existing file before continuing.  The input file must be a tab-delimited file that was created from the Download You Data section on the Find-A-Grave Contributors Tool page.  Do not edit the file.  Only one cemetery file can be processed at a time.

Checks to Perform

You can specify that the following checks are performed against the file specified:
  • Initial Char not Cap - Verify that the name begins with a capital letter
  • Multiple Caps - Verify that extra caps do not exist in the name.  Note that caps following a blank, hyphen, 'De', 'Mac', 'Mc', 'Van' or 'La' will not be reported.
  • Invalid Char - Verify that all of the characters in the name are alphabetic, a blank, a quote, a hyphen or a period.
  • Verify birth date before death date - If both the birth and death dates are specified, the program will verify that the birth date precedes the death date chronologically.
  • Verify age less than xxx years - If both the birth and death dates are specified, the program will subtract the birth date from the death date and report the memorial if the interval is greater than the user specified number of years.
  • Check for duplicates - Compare the memorial first, middle and last names and birth and death sates.  If all match, the two memorials will be reported as duplicates.
  • Check for missing pictures - Verify that a picture was added to the memorial.

The following buttons are on the options window:
  • Help - Display the Help window
  • About - Information about this program.
  • Quit - Exit this program
  • Review - Perform the requested checks on the specified file.