Find A Grave for Legacy

What is this?
This program automates searching for Find-A-Grave matches for individuals in a Legacy Family Tree database. The program extracts individuals from a Legacy database and searches for potential matches.  The matches are scored by user provided weights and the top matches are retained. 

If you find this program useful, you can thank me by going to a local cemetery and taking pictures.  Create memorials on and add the photos.  This will give all a larger base to find our ancestors.

Find-A-Grave Photos

When you access memorials on, be aware that the pictures are owned by the person who took them.  There is a FAQ on FindAGrave that details this. It is easy to contact the owner of the picture by clicking on his/her name under the photo.  I have yet to have anyone refuse to let me use a photo.


This program requires internet access.  If you are on a slow internet line, this program will be slow.  The page that is accessed the most is the FindAGrave search results page.  The page has 40 search results plus multiple ads.  This will cause a high level of traffic.
  1. Download the attached zip file.
  2. Unload the two files into the same folder. It can be any folder but it must be the same one.  The files are:
    • FAGforLegacy.exe (program)
    • FAGforLegacy.chm (Compiled HTML Help file) 
You can execute the program with the Legacy program running but it doesn't have to be. 
Paul Romanowicz,
Nov 6, 2011, 4:17 PM