Event Matcher

What is this?

This program will find a user specified event and determine it there is a corresponding user specified event for the same year for the same individual.  One possible use is matching Census and Occupation events since many census reports list the occupation. This program can find individuals that had census events but did not have matching occupation events. Since many censuses recorded the address, you could also verify that there was a residence event for each census one if you want to record them. Since you can specify which events to look for, you can use it to check for any pair of events.

  1. Download the attached zip file.
  2. Unload the three files into the same folder. It can be any folder but it must be the same one.  The files are:
    • EventMatcher.exe (program)
    • EvenMatcher.HelpText.txt (Help index)
    • EvenMatcher.HelpText.rtf (Help text)
You can execute the program with Legacy open or closed. 

The EvenMatcher.HelpText.rtf is a Rich Text Format file. It is what is displayed if you use any of the 'Help' buttons. You can also import it into your word processor and print it if you want.
Paul Romanowicz,
Jan 12, 2010, 3:15 PM