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The chronology of the program:

  • 2009-12-19 - Ver 1.0 - Initial release of the program
  • 2010-01-29 - Ver 1.1
    • The user can specify which Legacy event to match to rather than the standard Census Event
    • Allow up to census 20 years to be specified on the input window. 
    • All the user to suppress the 'Exclusion File does not exists' warning message.  
    • Allowed the user to request that the exclusion file be backed up if there are any updates to it.
    • Exclusion file and Legacy file 'Browse' does not start on 'c:\Legacy\Data\' directory as planned.  It used the last used directory accessed.
    • Removed the requirement for the Exclusion File to exist if the Browse button was used.
    • Expanded the Legacy tags that can be used from 1-3 to 1-9.
    • Fixed problem where an event was not searched for if the person died during the same year as the census.
    • Print (and preview) any of the created reports
    • Updated CSV files to change first three characters from "ID," to "RIN,".  The "ID," made Excel think they were SYLK files  (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/323626). 
    • Changed the name of the help files from Help.txt to CensusFinder.Help.txt and Help.rtf to CensusFinder.help.rtf.
  • 2012-02-11 - Ver 1.2
    • Added an option to specify if a females married name should be included in the Surname in the reports
    • Add color to alternating lines and left justified Surname and Given Name in the reports,
    • Added '1940' to the list of dates added when 'United States' Census Dates is selected
    • Added Statistics window so you can see your progress
    • Converted Help from custom help to HTML help
    • Changed status window from a text status to show a progress bar by search and census year
    • Eliminated the InitalVals.txt file