Census Finder

What is this?
This a program that reads the Legacy database and reports on the status of the census events for the individuals in the file. You have to specify which year(s) you want to check and if a person was alive during the year(s), it will produce a report showing if a census event exists. It has shown me all of my missing entries... I have a lot of work to fill them in. It will be a nice tool for when the 1940 US census becomes available to know who you have to look for.
  1. Download the attached zip file.
  2. Unload the two files into the same folder. It can be any folder but it must be the same one.  The files are:
    • CensusFinder.exe (program)
    • CensusFinder.chm (Help file) 
You can execute the program with Legacy opened or closed. 
Paul Romanowicz,
Feb 14, 2012, 2:31 PM