The One You

The One You offers its clients an upscale lifestyle center at moderately priced rates for Center City Allentown residents and professionals providing special services such as fitness, personal training and massage therapy. Allen AJ Davis has been working with clients on improving their overall health for 30 plus number of years. A member of the Lehigh Valley Hall of Fame, a Who's Who in the Valley and designee of the Lehigh Valley Magazine's Best Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist categories, Mr. Davis has been welcoming clientele to personal fitness since he worked at Images Total Fitness. Leaving the corporate fitness centers, AJ Davis returned to focusing on client-centric facilities and with that mission in mind, opened The One You in Allentown , PA. AjthetrainerPRMedia Davis has introduced over 1000 personal training clients to the holistic wellness program that balances the mind, body and spirit through the numerous services that his gym provides, at a price that keeps them coming back for more. Are you looking for a great gym where you can meet your personal goals? Check out our services and programs and then schedule a time to visit our center and discuss your personal goals. 
The One You Fitness Center AjthetrainerPRMedia Davis, COO/Owner