(Supreme Court case concluding that attempts to block access to abortion providers do not constitute gender discrimination.)

Feminists For Life Amicus Brief for Bray v. Alexandria Clinic

(Excellent page outlining exactly why pro-life/anti-abortion sentiment cannot be construed as gender discrimination.)

Unification of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice through Feminism

(A balanced look at why both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice women may consider themselves feminists.) 

Say You Want a Revolution?

(A philosophy professor's view of different forms of feminism and how they relate to women's reproductive abilities.)

Apologia of a Pro-Life Feminist

("But at some point, apparently, the feminist establishment determined that they needed a great deal fewer adherents, and began systematically excommunicating one another for violating a standard of Total Philosophical Purity.")

Feminists for Life

"Pro-lifers are Anti-women"

It is true that more restrictive abortion laws would take away options from women.  It does not then follow that those who wish abortion were more restricted must harbor ill will towards women.  Misogyny is defined as "hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women"--it is a claim about motivation.  The motivation of the pro-life movement is to increase respect and protection of fetal life, not to punish or otherwise harm women.  See the following for elaboration:


Logical Reasoning and Misogyny

Bunnies and Misogyny

Control and Misogyny


There are some who will then argue that, even if the pro-life movement is not misogynistic in its motivations, it is misogynistic in its effects:  while the chief pro-life motivation is to protect fetal life, the end-results of such a motivation will be the same as the end-results of more misogynistic intentions.  

This is a point of great contention, but even under the assumption that it is true, it does not follow that pro-lifers must be misogynists.  If so, we could just as well say that pro-choicers are misopedists.  While the chief pro-choice motivation may be greater freedom for women, the end-result of such a motivation will be the same as the end-results of more misopedistic intentions.  After all, a person who hates children would easily be for killing fetuses before they can become children, and so for more liberal abortion laws.  

Does this mean that if you agree with liberal abortion laws you must hate children?  No.  No more than it means that if I am for more restrictive abortion laws I must hate women.