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    Adam Buick (World Socialist Movement) @ Z-Day 2011, Cardiff>

    Miliband attacks Labour’s handling of the economy

    For Miliband to speak out against business "predators" was hilarious when he has no desire or intention whatsoever to bring predator capitalism to an end. The capitalist system has always preyed on the
    many to enrich a tiny few. It cannot function any other way. So any attempt to position himself as a "man of the people"was a sick joke.

     Even if `Red' Ed lived up to his nickname, and switched from a
    freemarket capitalist economy to an Old Labour-style state-capitalist economy, as far as the working class majority are concerned, there'd be no difference whatsoever. Whether business activities are under the control of state capitalist `Lefties' or individual multi-millionaires and billionaires has no effect on the lives of those who work, are retired or unemployed. The majority still get exploited, still worry
    about paying the bills, and still get ignored by those in power whether or not there's a freemarket Prime Minister or a leftie Prime Minister in charge.

     Neither freemarket capitalism nor state-run capitalism benefit
    the vast majority of us. The only part of his speech I agreed with was his remark about charting "a new course". But the course Miliband's set on is exactly the same one as Cameron and Clegg are steering already — towards yet more clapped-out capitalism. The real "new course" we must
    take to avoid a nightmarish future under out-of-date and predatory capitalism involves us all becoming the new direct and collective owners/managers of the `means of production and distribution' (factories, power stations, farmland, mineral mines etc).

     When this happens, money will become redundant, since when we all own the factories and natural resources etc, we will also all collectively own everything that's produced, and you don't have to buy what's already yours! There will then be free access to whatever people need. And there'd be no shortage of goods and services, since all those millions presently unemployed will then be able to contribute. And millions more,
    presently doing idiotic `jobs' involving money (printing the stuff,
    banking, insurance, creating bills, cold calling, making ATMs etc) will also then be able to do worthwhile jobs of real benefit to people. Such moneyless real socialism has never existed, but it must now replace obsolete capitalism because this profit-driven system has served its purpose and reached the end of its useful life.

    "In every generation there comes a moment when we need to change the way we do things. This is one of those moments" said Ed Miliband.

    Absolutely! So let's have nothing to do with politicians like him, and take a look at a genuinely different economic system, a free access socialist society, backed by the SPGB (Socialist Party of Great

    Labour conference: Miliband vows 'new bargain' for UK

    It is the public who have failed to understand the necessity of getting rid of all capitalist politicians,(allegedly labour or avowedly capitalist),becoming their own politicians and establishing a post-capitalist system of free access socialism,without buying & selling,wages,prices,nation-states,leaders,run by ourselves locally,regionally and globally.

    Should government reward 'good' businesses?

    No government or party can solve capitalism’s tendency to overproduce for particular markets in a boom, not by monetary policy or institutional arrangements, even if they were an exacerbating factor. Nothing can eliminate the boom/slump cycle that is built-in to capitalism.We need to abolish,capitalism,its politicians, the wages/system & establish free access socialism.

    Chris Huhne pledges to 'get tough' over energy prices


    It is a fantasy that capitalism can be reformed in any meaningful way.Get rid of it all together .Abolish all prices and wages.Establish a global free access world socialist society without governments or nation states,run by yourselves,a real democracy for the first time ever and get rid of ,left ,right centre, fairy tale of political choice within capitalist politics.

    Call off mass strike plans, unions told

     Prolerat No compromise.Wage & salaries = the sum of money necessary to reproduce your ability to work. Your pension is nothing else than wages or salaries deferred until you retire.Concerns over the effect of increasing life expectancy ,sometimes described as a "burden", are smoke screens. Lowering pension levels and raising the retirement age are in effect real pay cuts. Stuff the government's warning. Stuff the government's warning.

    Cable: We are at war

    Over the next few years of increased austerity – don't forget that all these politicians also claim to be in charge of capitalism. But the market failed long before it crashed. Leave decision-making to others, we were told. Leave it to the bankers . the a“bright minds”, to the economists ,the politicians, the capitalists.Create a socialist free access system for and by yourselves.

    Ed Miliband and the TUC: Job done?

    Trade union activity, is necessary. There can be no lasting solution to the problems within the market system itself. Action is needed on the basis of a clear understanding and awareness of class interests.
    The single, fact people need to recognise is that capitalism generates problems it is incapable of solving. The remedy is to end the property system that divides and oppresses us.

    Ed Miliband and the TUC: Job done?

    It's simple really. Your wage or salary is the sum of money necessary to reproduce your ability to work.
    Your pension is nothing else than wages or salaries deferred until you retire.Concerns over the effect of increasing life expectancy ,sometimes described as a "burden", are smoke screens.
    We need to be clear,lowering pension levels and raising the retirement age are in effect real pay cuts.


    Ed Miliband and the TUC: Job done?

    When people are not party to talks it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the necessity of confirming facts and strength of feeling as employers can be ruthless in creating facts on the ground in the course of negotiations.The employer and worker have nothing in common.Their is a class war regardless of how you dress it up.Wise up folks.


    Ed Miliband and the TUC: Job done?

    As the capitalist dog wags the politician tail the trade union leaders hang on for dear life whilst trying to die the tail a different colour!A plague on all their houses.Wages are a price of slavery and poverty, relative and actual.Get up off your knees.Abolish the wages system and establish a sane, free access, socialist society without politicians or owning classes.Think beyond capitalism.


    Truants' parents could face benefits cut, says PM

    It is a crazy system which takes kids and turns them into robots competing with each other for advantage in the wage-slavery market.If you are born poor you are likely to die poor.No reforms will overcome this.Replace 'Capitalism'.."with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.”


    Truants' parents could face benefits cut, says PM

    The demands of the capitalist education system, to restrain monetary expenditure and investment, cause highly significant barriers. Cutbacks create problems for many other workers children from less deprived backgrounds. The wealthy purchase places for their children in private schools and universities, usually without any fear of indebtedness.I would play truant from the sausage factory education

    A Point of View: The revolution of capitalism

    it is commentators who are wrong about communism.by equating the failed experiments of Leninism with anything envisaged by Marx you do him a disservice. Socialism /communism has never been tried and is the only progressive philosophy.A new social culture emerging from a society which produces for use instead of profit.

    Scottish Tory leadership favourite 'to disband party'

    Capitalist politics is trying to, make wage slavery more palatable. The reformers have had their day and there is nothing to show for it.  Socialism is the only progressive philosophy, Requiring to adjust for the first time in history, to a new social environment, created for ourselves.  We need a spread of a new social culture emerging from a society which produces for use instead of profit.

    Why the class struggle is not dead

    Capitalism is a class-based society which can only operate for the benefit of the minority who own and control productive resources, as rich individuals or through private corporations or the state. This is the reason for the failure of all reformists politicians and governments in all countries.Capitalism just cannot be reformed to work in the interests of workers and their families.

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