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aBADGoid (entertainment) -

14/12/2011 : application removed from the Android Market by Google (Impersonation Behavior)

aBINOXoid (entertainment) -

10/10/2019 : unpublished from Google Play (risk of "deceptive behavior")

GeoTextery (GPS game)

aMETROid (GPS travel tool)

aMINDroid (game)

KaleidosClock ("daydream" screensaver)

aTONoid (music tool widget)

Badgoid (entertainement)

Unpublished from Google Play : 13/04/2018 (because of new developper policy)

Base 10 clock ("daydream" screensaver)

L'île REPLICA (Game, french version)

BioRhyGraf (tool)

Nos'all (entertainement)

ScreenTimoid (system tool widget)

Diapason (music tool)

Six Flower (game)