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With the mission of promoting technological innovation in next generation networks and services through advanced scientific and technological experimentation, research and development, CPqD has partnered with the National Network for Teaching and Research (RNP) to manage the Experimental High-Speed Network Project – GIGA, which is supported by the Brazilian Financing Agency for Studies and Projects (FINEP).

In addition to being used as a testbed for the project research and development activities, the GIGA network also connects hundreds of institutions and laboratories in Brazil, such as R&D centers, universities and telecom providers. The purpose is to increase the number of participants in the project by developing new domestic and international partnerships, not only with companies, but also with universities and science and technology institutes – even in the extent of projects that target or focus on the development of technologies for the future of Internet. 

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Alberto Paradisi

GIGA Project Director





GIGA Project headquarters:
CPqD (Building 11)
Rodovia Campinas-Mogi-Mirim, km 118,5
CEP 13086-902 - Campinas – SP – Brasil

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