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John Troyer works with clients helping them get their projects under control. Some sample quotes:

  • "He turns chaos into a simple, clear, process, a path that anyone can follow." 
  • "In the first year, we saved more than 50 times what we 'invested' in his time."
  • "Now we know what to do."
  • "When he gets involved the lights go on and it becomes so clear that you wonder how you missed it in the first place."
  • "We invested over a half a million to implement his recommendation and saved ten million the first 18 months, and I don't mean phony baloney corporate dollars, I mean real savings."


John Troyer is a dynamic speaker who leverages his highly diverse background into an entertaining and informative style inspiring people to become more efficient and effective. John tailors his presentations to meet every kind of need and audience. Some sample quotes:

  • "entertaining and informative"
  • "fun and fact-filled"
  • "practical, full of 'how to's'"
  • "worked to deliver just what we needed"

About the Author

John Troyer is a Senior Professional Project Manager / Program Manager with a wide range of experience who excels at getting people to work together and getting projects under control. (Please see Experience in sidebar on the left.)

His most recent project is managing a $1.8 million deployment of a Web 2.0 environment providing the "Social Computing" and "Business Process Management" implementations working with BEA at a major consumer products company with teams located in Cincinnati, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Houston, San Jose, Toronto, Canada and Rome, Italy, described in an article that appeared in Popular Science (click here to see the article).

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Upcoming Book

  • "Projekt Kontrol -  A C-Level Approach to Getting Projects Under Control"