SAVANT: Schools Against Violence - Act, Not Tolerate


3rd year of the project




Comenius school development project 2006 - 2009 

a joint project of the following schools from the following European countries:  


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Activities in the 3rd year of the project

School competition (if possible): violence-free class (choosing the class which is most sensitive to violence)

 Competition: The most cooperative class - Italian school 

class competition, Latvian school 


 winners of the class competition, Elkšnu pamatskola, Latvia


 A violence-free class competition, Poland 

Violence-free competition, Slovenia -- unfortunately it was impossible for the school to carry it out due to the size of the school (800 pupils) and lack of interest at the teachers and pupils' part. Instead of this the school focused on the pupils being involved in many sports and cultural activites -- even a pupils' poetry collection was  published.


Publish the booklet for teachers (Violence at Schools: Prevention and Intervention) and the leaflet for pupils and parents on the same topic


 Successful strategies for dealing with violence - a booklet (English version)


 Prepare a drama play on the topic of “Violence at school”; prepare a videotape of the performance (each school respectively), exchange of the video tapes / DVDs


Prepare a questionnaire for the pupils and teachers, with which we will reassess the situation at our schools – the questionnaire will be given out and filled in the last day of the week without violence at school.

 QUESTIONNAIRE--for pupils 

QUESTIONNAIRE--for teachers 


 a week without violence (if possible); analysis of the questionnaire – in comparison with the results of the questionnaire filled in the 1st year of the project;


results of the survey Violence at school (2009) and comparison with the first year results of the same survey 


Scuola Media Statale "G. Garibaldi", Palermo, Sicily, Italy   





Elkšnu pamatskola, Elkšni, Latvia

analysis pupils  

analysis teachers  

Szkola Podstawowa ZNP, Lodz, Poland


analysis Poland 


Osnovna šola Škofja Loka - Mesto, Škofja Loka, Slovenia

analysis PUPILS_2009 

comparison 2007and 2009- survey, teachers


CEIP Centcelles, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain

survey results - teachers 

survey results - pupils

MAY 2009: FINAL CONFERENCE: presentation of the results of the questionnaire; reassessment of the situation at our schools, plans for the future.


The three years we've been dealing specifically and in detail with the problem of violence at our schools have given quite some fruitful results. 

The conclusions of our project are the following: it's been worthwhile dealing with this specific problem for 3 consecutive years. The comparison of the results in 2007 and 2009 shows us that violence at all the partner schools has lowered and has become a lesser problem than it used to be. Pupils and teachers are much more aware of what violence is (in all of its forms), how to prevent it and how to deal with it. However, we are all aware that there's still a lot of work to be done on this same topic and that we should continue with the activities that proved to be successful. Do not worry, we will not stop at this, we'll keep up the good work even though our project has ended.



at a meeting with the representative of The Teacher Trade Union in Poland - an interesting discussion about the position and the reputation of a teacher's profession

the host school for the 3rd project visit -- Lodz, Poland

 in one of the classrooms: very colourful and imaginative

a warm welcome with teacher - pupils activities at the school -- we were kept very busy at all times

time for the Polish pupils to teach us some basic Polish words and expressions. Quite difficult but fun, I must say!


preparing the final version of the English booklet for teachers and the leaflet for pupils and parents - it takes a lot of serious work to prepare it


the whole delegation at the project meeting in Poland