SAVANT: Schools Against Violence - Act, Not Tolerate


2nd year of our project 


Comenius school development project 2006 - 2009 

a joint project of the following schools from the following European countries:  

Pupils from Primary school Škofja Loka - Mesto (Slovenia) wrote creative dialogues to match the video DINNER FOR TWO,

 dealing with resolving conflicts. They were very creative!

 watch the video 

read pupils' dialogues DINNER FOR TWO

 Pupils from CEIP Centcelles school (Tarragona, Spain) wrote about friendhsip and had quite a few deep thoughts on the topic. Read what they have to say here.

       Pupils from Scuola Media statale G. Garibaldi (Palermo, Sicily) wrote diary notes and letters, or better said, cries for help, from a bullying victim's perspective. Read their testimonies here.

 Pupils from Elšnu pamatskola (Latvia) wrote about friendship and their own lives

How friendship was born 

My life  





1.      Prepare a non-violent corner at school: a service where pupils can record their experience, feelings, ideas and proposals in connection with how they see or how they deal with violence at school (e.g. a notebook where they can, anonymously or not, record this, ask for help or guidance etc.)


2.      project: spend your (negative) energy well: give pupils enough opportunities for participating in different sports (and possibly other) activities where they can release their (negative) energy and at the same time do something for themselves.

3.       Discussion among the teachers: Dealing with violent behaviour in schools: what we have done to prevent it from happening in the first place and how we deal with it when it happens? Each school prepares a report of their discussion.

4.      PROJECT MEETING (Latvia)

a)      Presentation of the reports and a round-table discussion about the strategies of prevention of violence and of intervention when violence happens.

b)      Discussion about how to improve the situation (what else can be done to reduce violence in our schools?)

5.      Prepare a booklet: Successful strategies for dealing with violent behaviour in schools: prevention and intervention.

6.      Organize workshops and/or lectures for teachers, pupils and pupils’ parents on the topic: resolving conflicts in a non-violent way.


story- based workshops on violence in Slovenia - talking about violence with the younger pupils 

7.      Hold a literary competition among the pupils on the topic VIOLENCE IN SCHOOLS. The best 3 compositions (texts, poems, pictures, essays…) from each of the schools are published on the website in two languages: in the mother tongue of the author and in English (this could be merely a summary)


pupils and teachers from Latvia waving into the 3rd year of our Comenius project 

(with the shape of their country they  made in autumn colours in front of their school in Elksni - autumn, 2008)

 at the airport in Riga: Rudite, our hostess and the Slovenian project team

in the picturesque Latvian countryside

our host school in Elksni - a magnificent building

a warm welcome for everybody; prepared by Elksni teachers and pupils

a welcome by the headmistress

a short introductory speech by the project coordinator

 all about our project in Rudite's (our hostess's) classroom

in class - lower grades

in class - higher grades: learning by doing: ginger bread

Italian project team

Polish project team

Spanish project team

Slovenian project team

 the coordinator starting the discussion

the entire project team, with numerous ideas on how to prevent violence and how to deal with it successfully 


 in Riga: the whole project team